What’s The Rush? Who Called You?

I was talking to someone and they had all these questions. I’m cool with it. They asked me if I still felt like I wasn’t ready and now that I’m rushing towards it…

Now, I let them say other things and responded to what I felt I needed to. Sometimes people just need to talk and express themselves. A response isn’t always required.

But when I saw rush. Not really even rushing, I had to address it.

I am currently 35. God Has been telling me and showing me stuff for at least 22 years. Since I was 13. Someone told my mom I was going to be great before I was 10. I know because it was before we left home.

I sat myself down from my calling because I wasn’t ready. There are so many people who want to be up front and want to be seen. So many people want flashy, visible titles. Minister. Prophet. Apostle. Bishop. Elder. Evangelist.

I talk fast. I think it’s because I read fast and think fast. I have constantly been told I talk too fast and to slow down.

Reading stuff in church was torture. I speak well so they put me out front. But I didn’t pace well. Or I got going and forgot my pacing. So now I have to hear from all of these ppl that I went too fast when I tried to avoid even having to do it.

Being called to use words? Ugh. I so understand Moses and his speech impediment (go on over to a Bible. I’ll even tell you where to find it. Rare. Exodus).

But the thing is, if I wanted a title, I could go places right now and tell them my resume and get a title lickety split.

I feel called to simply serve right now. I joined a church and was honest for once about a lot. I still didn’t tell it all. What could get me that title was included. I didn’t ask to do what it takes to get the title. I simply asked the pastor and his wife what they need in order to simply serve.

Cuz I use my words here. I use my words in conversations all kinds of places. I don’t need a pulpit or stage to walk in what I was called to do.

I attempted to go to seminary for multiple reasons. One was to have a piece of paper for the fallible humans who may need it. That was wrong.

Gifts make room. That’s Bible. Go look it up and whatever else I put a 🗣 next to (okay. So that might not hold true. I didn’t note it above when I was on my phone. Now I’m editing on my computer. Just go with all of it. Godspeed. Lol.).

I think all of this requires 🗣. He called me. He chose me. He sanctified me. He saved me. He justified me.

He told me what He told me and He showed me what He showed me. I need a pastor. I’m SOOOOOO grateful for the one I have.

I don’t need a paper or a title. I have the seal of God’s approval.

How do I know?

My pastor says things I’ve said without talking to him.

He preached two different parts of Be Ruth Not Sarah while it was still a draft I needed to edit.

I will have a conversation with one person or write a blog and up it pops with another person or someone period. God is smooth that way. 🙂

The things that I feel called to discuss, the areas I feel called to, people let me know that they are necessary.

Gifts and callings are without repentance. 🗣 Anyone can take a text. Even the devils know Scripture. 🗣

This may just be a thing we say and not Scripture. But. The anointing makes the difference.

You get anointing by being crushed just like the olives to make oil.

You get anointing via wisdom.

Via trials and tribulations.

Via a relationship.

People want the glory but they don’t want the story.

People who powerfully impact have endured some of the hardest things in life. I feel like I’ve lived multiple lives in my current 35 years.

Other people say I’m powerful. I kinda maybe agree? Lol. I’m not finna get a big head or not be humble. Nah. I’m just glad to be of service to the King.

I have been tried in the fire. I suppose there’s a lil gold. 🗣

I asked what He wanted. Boy. I asked for wisdom. Tuh.

Be careful seeking His Will and your purpose. Shoot. There is no record of David actually asking. But he was chosen. And buddy went through.

I have to give Him this yes though. I’d be perfectly content in a shadow serving in the back of an assembly. That’s not what He called me to. There are people attached to my yes. I’ve said that for years. And so has my pastor and my family who haaaaaapens to be a Bishop.

Also. I don’t think I will have true peace and joy if I don’t submit myself to His PERFECT will and do what He created me to do.

But I’m not rushing. I haven’t been a member of a church or worked in a church for 10 years. It’s time to get back to serving. It’s time to help someone else. My time will come in God’s time.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it. You need it too.


Where Are You

I have made mistakes. In more ways than one. More times than I care to count.

I’ve made decisions based on being hurt, lonely, and listening to the wrong people.

At times, I was strong enough to fight against it. I wasn’t seeking or making myself available for certain things because I knew I wasn’t geographically in the right place. In hindsight, I wasn’t emotionally or spiritually as well.

Where are you?

Are you ready for what you’re asking for?

Fruit that is eaten before it’s ripe is disgusting. Old fruit past its ripeness is too.

It is totally plausible that you know where you’re going and what’s coming. I did too. That’s how I knew I wasn’t in the right place.

But. This bag of bones and dirt will have us unfocused and off track, liable to make something happen too soon or miss the boat.

I’ve said it before, and the Bible is the source, if we abide in Him and His word abide in us, according to His will and the relationship we cultivate, we will be asking for what He wants of us.

Often times I’ve been frustrated waiting on Him to do something that was never His will or desire for me. He protected me from me.

So, let’s take stock. Where are we? Are we asking for the right things? Are they the things He desires? Or are they desires of this bag of dirt and bones?

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it.

Be You

Life is short.

Be you.

Hard as it may be.

Different as it may be.

Lonely as it may be.

Confusing as it may be.

God created us for a purpose.

We have Him so we have everything we need.

He will equip and qualify us because He called us.

God told Joshua Jericho would fall.

All they were allowed to do for the first six days was walk quietly around the wall (happy searching in the book of Joshua) one time while seven priests blew horns. On the seventh day they marched around six times the same way. The seventh time around Joshua told them to shout. The Lord gave them the town.

Surely they probably thought they needed more. Nope. Their obedience and faith gave them what they needed. And they opened their mouths. The sound they released gave them the victory.

In the book of Judges, God called Gideon. Gideon was like “if it’s You do this. Okay. Now do this.” Buddy wanted to be absolutely sure. Once he was, he was good to go. God told him Midian was theirs.

Gideon took all these men. God was like that’s too many. He sent some home. 22k left and there were 10k to fight. God said that’s still too many.

God told him to bring them to the spring and divide them based on how they drink water. The group God chose was only 300 men. They went from 32k to 300.

Again. Surely they thought they needed more men. Nope. He split the men into three groups and gave each a horn. They went to different sides of the Midianites camp. When he gave the signal, they blew the horns and said “The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.”

The people were so confused and scared that they destroyed each other themselves and flex. Again. Obedience and a sound.

They were who God created and they did what they were told.

Crazy faith ain’t easy.

Being different amongst others ain’t easy.

But you. As created. With your purpose is necessary.

Nobody can be you. Nobody is called to fulfill your purpose. Sure. Someone else can. But why when you can.

I am you you is I. This is for me too.

We got this cuz God’s got us!

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.

What Would You Do

I got back on Facebook the other day.

I’m an older millennial. I remember life before social media.

I can’t stand just having relationships online. Especially if I have your number and know you.

I’ve quit social media. Stopped relationships. I don’t do fake, foolish, or feeling like an inconvenience, bother, or afterthought.

I used to post what I thought were good and wise things. I had my blog linked to post as soon as I published.

People barely engaged. Few likes. Few comments. It frustrated me. That’s part of why I shut it down.

I’ve had a page for a while now. No friends. No ability to be found. I would lurk in the shadows. Keeping up with what I could.

In February I started adding friends.

Then I got some ideas for stuff I wanna do. I needed to make friends on Facebook to set things in motion.

Granted, I’m not the only friend ppl have. And I am up and active earlier than others. Aaaaand I don’t work a traditional job.

I posted the link to the blogs the past few days. I made several posts this morning.

Not a single word was said.

Aaaaand guess what? More mature me is okay with that.

I don’t need adulation, praise, confirmation, or approval.

I KNOW what I’m saying is what should be said.

What matters is that I do what I should do.

The ppl who need to see it will see it.

I just have to walk out this yes I gave.

One waters, one plants, and God gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6). It’s all for His glory and to bless others.

What Do You See

What do you see
What do you see
What will your perception be
What do you see
What do you see
Is it a tree
Or is it opportunity
What do you see
What do you see
An obstacle
Or what will be
What do you see
What do you see
Is it bondage
Or will you be free
What do you see
What do you see
As a man thinks
So shall he be
What do you see
What do you see

Be Careful What You Ask For Cuz You Just Might Get It

The title of this has been sitting in my drafts since 12-19-20. I honestly forgot that it was there until I went to my drafts to finish two other posts.

I have slept a lot since then. I have no earthly idea the context of the thought.

It applies to sooooooooo many things in my life.

The one thing that it applies to the most is slightly apropos. Wisdom. Apropos because that’s basically all Proverbs is and “we “are going through it “together”.

When I was younger, some person in some church something told us to ask for wisdom. I’m a pew baby a.k.a. I’ve been in church since I was conceived. Lol.

I have always, as far as I can remember, loved all things church and God. I took in and soaked up so much of what was said. Both to my detriment and benefit.

So, I asked God for wisdom. What I didn’t know and was not told was kinda vital. Hopefully, the person didn’t hide the ball on purpose. Hopefully, my telling you what I wasn’t doesn’t dissuade you from asking for it anyway.

Experience. That’s what was was left out. In order to obtain wisdom, I had to experience some stuff. Boy. At some point since, I think I said that I wouldn’t have asked had I known. The experiences have been difficult and painful. I wouldn’t change a thing though.

While it was hard to get the wisdom, it grew my relationship with Jesus. He was always there. Just like the footprints poem. Nothing in this world is better or matters more than a relationship with Jesus.

I got what I asked for. But it cost, costs me something. I know where I’m going though. The price was worth it. The price is worth it.

Paul said it best: for I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us (Romans 8:18 KJV).