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First of all-Happy New Year. I hope this year brings you more than you could ever hope and pray for.

Second. I have been MIA and it is a shame. I never finished all the names of God. I gotta get back on that. Life.

So, I am currently participating in a study of Genesis. The study is God of Covenant by Jen Wilkin. I’m participating with the Ramp Church International’s Refreshed Women’s Bible study.

She mentioned Moses and his bad day-when he got angry and God told him he wouldn’t see the promised land.

It made me think of David and the fact that he would be unable to build the temple because of the blood on his hands.

Can you imagine devoting your life to a people, a thing, God, and never see the fruit of it? Or reap the benefits?

Writing this made me think of Matthew 7:22-23 when Jesus said people would do things in his name and on judgment day tell them to depart because he never knew them.

I cannot imagine. I’m sure i have unknowingly forfeited some things. But the big things? Because of me? I can’t even.

I pray that we are intentional about what we do so that we don’t spend our lives going after and pursuing things only to miss out on them because of one singular moment, choice, lapse of judgment.

Until next time. Remember you are loved, you are chosen, and you matter.