A kickstand is a tiny piece of metal.

There’s some mechanism that allows it to fold and unfold.

If you unfold it, kick it down, it stands up and holds the bike in place while it is stationary, while you aren’t riding it.

When its time to move it or ride it, you kick it back into its folded position.

If you try to ride the bike with the kickstand down it drags and you are unable to properly ride the bike.

In one place, one season, one atmosphere, one environment, the kickstand extended is necessary. In the other, it is absolutely detrimental. One has to be aware of the purpose of the kickstand in order to properly use it.

The kickstand serves. It serves an important purpose. It is a help to the rider of the bike. The rider doesn’t have to support the bike. The kickstand does all the work.

One could assume the kickstand is abused because it is constantly kicked and drags across the ground. But that is why it was created. It is serving the purpose it was intended for. It is made out of durable material. It was made to endure.

Jesus said the greatest person is the least, the one who serves is the greatest, last will be first.

I have no idea where I was gonna go with this.

I am almost always long winded.

Chiiiii. Just take this as it is written and draw from it what it is saying like we are to do with the Bible.

Cuz honestly, as written now, it blessed me.

I may write more later.

But I’m always expounding.

Maybe this one time, I pray, the little bit I wrote will lead you to more on your own.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.



A flower
Stands growing
All alone in a field
Water springs forth
In a dry desert
Where no life is
Because there it lives
Has tried
To destroy and kill
Like the inflatables
Knocked down
Not out
Seemed like
All was over
Just when
You almost hit the ground
Gravity took over
He took over
Up you popped
Get up
Like the flower
Stand growing in the field
Like the water
Spring forth in the desert

Swimming Revelation

Check out Swimming. That will make this make sense.

When my nephew had control, or what he felt like was control, he was fine. As long as he could touch the bottom he was okay.

Even though he loves me and feels safe with me, he didn’t trust me at first in the water. He’s seen me do things and trusted me to do things. But they weren’t in the water. He didn’t blindly translate his trust.

He had to see what I did in the water. He had to figure out if I could be trusted in the water. Even though he knew I wouldn’t harm him or meant him no harm.

Sometimes, God wants to put us in something deep. But we resist because we have no control. Sometimes it just seems so big, too big. So, while we wanna go after it, we find a safety net or something safe to attempt to hold on. But we can’t go after it and remain safe at the same time.

God promises not to let us be consumed by fire, drown, or go alone through water (Isaiah 43:2). But, we as humans freak out. He’s shown us in one area, or maybe even similarly in the same area, that we can trust Him. But, for some reason, sometimes, He has to show us He can be trusted.

I’m so grateful that at times He has patience and extends grace. He allows us time to freak out and say no. Then he allows us to test it out by holding on to something safe. Then He allows us to stay close to safety and slowly make our way. He tailors what He does because He knows who we are.

I imagine the safety as God holding our hand as a toddler learning to walk. And, when we’ve grown to a point, trust Him as we should in the situation, He knows we can stand. So He let’s go.