Selfish, Selfish, Selfish

This is us us is this.

If I tell you you hurt me, the best response is to apologize.

Especially as a Christian.

But nope.

I tripped and that’s why I hit you.

You stopped too close to me so that’s why I hit you.

They pushed me and that’s why I hit you.

If you were paying attention and hadn’t gotten in my way I wouldn’t have hit you.

I didn’t hit you that hard it couldn’t have hurt.

So now, as the hurt party, I’m injured all over again. Twice. And now we have a problem.

I may end up bitter and with unforgiveness because all I needed was an apology.

Instead of just owning the fact that you hurt me, you refuse to be accountable. And you are mad that I blamed you.

And now we are both walking around offended.

What if we treated people the way we want to be treated?

What if we treated people the way Jesus treated us?

What if we treated people as if God is truly watching and taking score? Like He ACTUALLY is.

At times, our intentions don’t matter. Their impact does.

Be better. Do better. There are consequences now and eternally.

I promise this is for me. Hahahaha.

Every single second matters. And we only have so many. We have to be far more aware of that.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.


Second Class Citizens

I’m black in America

I’m supposed to live

In the land of the free

And the home of the brave

I’m supposed to believe and dream

If I work hard

This dream turns into a life fulfilled

But all it seems to come back to

Is the notion that I’ll never be enough

My black brothers and sisters

Are merely second class citizens

Blood continues to be spilled

Our churches burned

Our culture appropriated

We elected someone

Full of melanin

We are now post-racial

Racism is over

Yet so many have lost their lives

He gets no respect

Racism seems worse than it’s ever been

This is my country

This is my home

I’m supposed to be proud

“Proud to be an american

Where at least I know I’m free”

But am I really free

Or am I one wrong decision

Away from a bullet or a cell

As a kid

I never knew

The evil this world still held

I grieve for the lives lost

I am fearful for what the future holds

Money buys a lot of things

The NRA has bought Congress

Gun safety is a low priority

Education takes a backseat

While the rich get richer

And the poor get poorer

We talk about these injustices

Grand juries indict or they don’t

People are convicted or the aren’t

But nothing’s changing

Nothing’s better

At times I feel like

Me and my people

Are nothing more

Nothing less

Just simply seen as

Second class citizens