Heavy, Heavy

I have issues. Legit. I be struggling.

And there is no warning when the heaviness is going to come and drown me in a moody melancholy.

My head knows better but my mood and feelings act like they don’t.

The Bible says sumn bout the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

Sometimes, I ain’t gone lie, I just sit in it and give into it.

But other times?

I turn on the music and open my mouth. Sometimes I just open my mouth without music from my heart.

David played music to get rid of the evil spirit that plagued Saul.

There is something powerful in the right sound. Ask Joshua at Jericho and Gideon at Midian.

It is in these moments that I have to keep building altars.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it.


What Would You Do

I got back on Facebook the other day.

I’m an older millennial. I remember life before social media.

I can’t stand just having relationships online. Especially if I have your number and know you.

I’ve quit social media. Stopped relationships. I don’t do fake, foolish, or feeling like an inconvenience, bother, or afterthought.

I used to post what I thought were good and wise things. I had my blog linked to post as soon as I published.

People barely engaged. Few likes. Few comments. It frustrated me. That’s part of why I shut it down.

I’ve had a page for a while now. No friends. No ability to be found. I would lurk in the shadows. Keeping up with what I could.

In February I started adding friends.

Then I got some ideas for stuff I wanna do. I needed to make friends on Facebook to set things in motion.

Granted, I’m not the only friend ppl have. And I am up and active earlier than others. Aaaaand I don’t work a traditional job.

I posted the link to the blogs the past few days. I made several posts this morning.

Not a single word was said.

Aaaaand guess what? More mature me is okay with that.

I don’t need adulation, praise, confirmation, or approval.

I KNOW what I’m saying is what should be said.

What matters is that I do what I should do.

The ppl who need to see it will see it.

I just have to walk out this yes I gave.

One waters, one plants, and God gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6). It’s all for His glory and to bless others.