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So I got my nose pierced about five years ago. It hurt. The circumference of the stud was kinda big compared to studs and rings people wear.

I eventually changed it. I have struggled with studs and hoops since. The way my nose is set up and the location of the piercing. Not to mention the stones falling out.

I didn’t like the hoop I finally tried last year. It was studs til then. So I went and got a new hoop.

I wasn’t thinking. It is ribbed. I think my hole is smaller cuz the studs I put in after I took the original out are way smaller.

The thang HURT. I wanted to say nah. I’m done. Nice try. I like it but the pain. I thought I was done withthe pain after it healed. I’ve had bumps n stuff since. But I don’t recall pain like the initial piercing. This was similar.

But I stuck with it. My nose either stretched or realized this wasn’t a foreign object. I didn’t consider foreign til typing. Ima go with stretched cuz that was my initial thought and point of this post.

Life stretches us. We go through something. It hurts. Then it looks like we are onto something else. It may not be the same thing. But the pain feels the same. We thought we were done with the pain.

God allows things to stretch us. To grow us. To get us to where we need to be. It’s difficult. But, if we allow ourselves to be malleable like a rubber band. Man.

Rubber bands start at one size. Based on appearance, they can only handle so much.

Once we start using them, we see that they can handle more than their appearance would lead us to believe. So we keep adding. And often they just keep stretching.

We aren’t totally like rubber bands though. Eventually we can put too much in them and they break. Or they get old and break down. They no longer stretch.

Fortunately, with God, we have an unlimited ability to stretch. We won’t break. We won’t break down. We won’t lose the ability to stretch. We will never have too much to hold. God’s got it and us.

So. Go on and stretch. You got this!

The Carpenter’s Son

I really thought I was done for the day. I mean. I can find revelation in just about anything. But,I have never written and/or published this many blogs in one day. Must be somethin bout this 7th day. Completion and perfection or whatever. Anywho.

My auntie was singing this song, I Know it Was The Blood:

1 I know it was the blood,
I know it was the blood,
I know it was the blood for me.

One day when I was lost
He died upon the cross.
I know it was the blood for me.

2 They whipped him all day long,
They whipped him all day long,
They whipped him all day long for me. [Refrain]

3 They pierced him in his side,
They pierced him in his side,
They pierced him in his side for me. [Refrain]

4 He never said a mumblin’ word,
He never said a mumblin’ word,
He never said a mumblin’ word for me. [Refrain]

5 He hung his head and died,
He hung his head and died,
He hung his head and died for me. [Refrain]

6 He’s coming back again,
He’s coming back again,
He’s coming back again for me. [Refrain]

I started to say what I’m gonna write. I think I had already told her I was done. I know I told her this was the most and a lot. But the lady gassed me up. Real churchy. Talmbout that’ll preach and you’re walking real heavy. So here goes.

Some of this came from a messaage years ago. I don’t remember when or who and all that was said.

But. Tonight I asked my auntie if she realizes how. ntentional God was for Jesus to be born to a carpenter. He had to hear wood, the thing he came to die on, be manipulated, nailed, sawed, every single day until he was 30 and went into public ministry.

He had to have been taught his father’s trade. He could have been born to a publican, a priest, a levite, a fisherman, anybody else. But he was born to a carpenter. He had to be reminded of his mission daily.

Now this is for sure from the message. The preacher said something like could you imagine Jesus, as a baby, breastfeeding, hearing the sounds of Joseph with the wood and stopping to take note. Crazy.

I’m so glad it happened. However it happened. I’m so glad Jesus did it despite his human feelings, asking if the cup could pass but giving us the perfect example to accept the will of God in spite of ourselves and our feelings.

I’m really done now. I did Proverbs early so I wouldn’t be on here late and sleepy. Yet, here I am at almost 11. Ha. You’re gonna have to find the Scriptures yourself on this one. Lol. But it’s been a good God day!