Nah. No. Nope. Not Gonna Happen! Drop Weight.

Settling for trash relationships. That’s the note I had. Ha.

People just be out here peopling.

I cannot, for the life of me, fathom how people can just ignore texts and phone calls received from people they claim to love.

Like. I don’t get how some of us are so selfish and busy.

This has caused many an issue in many a relationship and I have had to let so many go or be put on pause right now.

Cuz I’m outchea (out here) frustrated because these people won’t call me or text me back.

In my mind, we are always on our phones so what is the excuse?

You say you love me?

I honestly question if we know what love is.

Love isn’t easy or convenient. Love is sacrificial.

Jesus on the cross much?

I don’t always feel like doing things. But it matters to the recipient. I think I might have just lied.


Because I do LOVE doing things. I love making people happy. I love making people smile. I love talking to and communicating with people. I love being in relationship with people.

Because I love Jesus. And I love being His representative in the earth. But then they get on my nerves and I don’t like them. So very complicated. Jesus took issue with people too. Just check him out in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Some of what you see may surprise you.

The Bible gives so much instruction for and so many examples of how we should relate to and with each other.

My disillusionment (chiiii I can’t find a synonym. Search Al Gore’s innanet (internet) if you don’t know. Apologies.) and hurt and frustration has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of the people who are trash towards me call themselves Christians and go to church and supposedly read the Bible.

I really believe we worship a God we created (I think I talk about this. I don’t know if it is a draft currently or a full on post. I may circle back and figure it out. If not, the blogs are searchable and you can hunt. Apologies).

Cuz if we were looking at the Bible, we would compromise more. We would value each other more. We would have more love. We would have more respect.

Part of the problem for me though is that I love too much. Or too many people. Or am too attached. That cannot be just my problem.

The Bible talks about laying aside weight and sin that besets us. We talk about both but focus mainly on the sin.

People say it and I tried it but backed off and tried it and have been in a vicious cycle for years: everybody can’t go where you’re going.

That hurts. That sucks. But it is true. I can pinpoint mistakes listening to the wrong people and holding on to the wrong people.

But at this point, as I inch closer to purpose, I am bound and determined to pay the cost to be the boss.

I am determined to be a living sacrifice-to give up whatever and whoever to get to my promised land.

For some, it’s temporary. For some it’s permanent. I’m gonna watch and pray (Scripture) to see who will serve me in every season and stage.

Again, maybe repetitive, but I’ve tried to make roots out of leaves and branches (hey Tyler Perry).

If a plane or hot air balloon is too heavy to fly, crashes and death are certain. They gotta drop weight.

So, with tears in your eyes, a heavy heart, go ahead and pick up your cross (Scripture). Go ahead and suffer with Him (Scripture). It will all be worth it.

That’s a promise, multiple, that you can take to the bank. You reap what you sow (Scripture). There’s a Scripture about joy and tears. There’s another about weeping and night. I dare you to go find them. Lol.

It will be alright. After all, Two Things Can Be True.

Go be great. The WORLD, you, me, strangers, is COUNTING on it.


No Losses Only Lessons

I forgot that I had a blog where I was going to talk about my foolishness as it relates to males. I still wanted to write something with this title. I considered writing about work and school. I don’t know if that’s what will follow below because I made this a placeholder, draft. I would say stay tuned but you likely are. I also almost said we would see together. But that isn’t true since I’m gone see when I write it and you will after it is on wax. Bahahahaha.

I think I’m gonna keep this cute and simple. Like a palate cleanser. Cuz God has been giving me the business with what I’ve been writing and y’all have been reading.

Don’t despise what brought you here. It made you you. And it is making who you will be.

One of my favorite Scriptures (search for it so you KNOW I’m not making it up) says all things work together for good.

Salt is kinda gross alone.

Flour is kinda gross alone.

Vanilla is kinda gross alone.

Flour is kinda gross alone.

Eggs are kinda gross alone.

Baking powder is kinda gross alone.

Oil is kinda gross alone.

Sugar is kinda gross alone.

Milk and/or water (to others lol) is kinda gross alone.

But when you, good God, take all of these things and put them together. With the precise measurements. Not the same amount of all of the ingredients. But carefully crafted amounts, according to the recipe of one who has tried it, possibly failed, but taken, wheeeeeeeeeeew, time to perfect something that they find pleasing, and then presented it.

Those tears hurt.

That betrayal hurt.

That abandonment hurt.

God’s no hurt.

Sinning when you knew better hurt.

Losing that job hurt.

Being overlooked hurt.

Walking away hurt.

Isolation hurt.

God what are you dooooooooing to me right now?! This revelation is bananas to me. It is bleeeeeeessing meeeeeee.

I wrote out nine things. If you read 25 to 26, you know I looked up what numbers mean. I THOUGHT, I included what nine meant because I looked it up because that’s how old I was when I received salvation. CLEARLY I got lost in the sauce. Or something. According to, the number nine means divine completeness or finality.

Once you mix the ingredients, you gotta put it in the oven. You gotta add heat. Those ingredients come to a point of finality. Of completeness. After the heat of that oven cooks it for juuuuuuuuust the right amount of time, it is delicious and ready to be consumed.

After we have, hallelujah! Chiiii. That is a first in the middle of the blog. But this thang is so goooooooood to me. I felt it!

After we have suffered for a while…. When we are tried in the fire…. I know what they say. You go find out so you can figure out why I couldn’t get the thought out at first.

While we will not be truly, divinely complete until we no longer inhabit this earth in these bags of dirt and bones, there comes a point where we are divinely complete and final enough to step into the purpose He has called us to. I just remembered this was supposed to be short and cute. Apologies. Take it to God in prayer and leave it there. Lol.

Anywho. There comes a point where we are ready enough to do what He birthed us to do. Everything will have worked together. Everything will have been necessary. No drop will have been wasted. Like I said somewhere, the tests will have become a testimony that is a testament to who God has been. And your testimony is being prepared so someone can eat and learn how, my God, to make a testimony of their own.

Get up. Get Up. Get UP. GET UP! There is no condemnation to those in Jesus. Go find it. I’ll help this time. It is in Romans. We sin. We fall. We make mistakes. THAT IS NOT WHO WE ARE.

He didn’t die to forgive you once. He didn’t die to just forgive one sin. He died for it ALL. One of my Sunday School teachers told us that when God sees us, He sees us through the blood veil of Jesus. He KNEW what you would do and still chose the cross.

When He sees you He sees someone He loves. You ain’t gone get away with no consequences. I mean, the shame may be the only consequence He has for you since you are already punishing yourself. BUUUUUUUT. He didn’t die for you to stay there. He doesn’t see you there. You see yourself there and are holding yourself captive and prisoner because you expected more. Chiiiii. Get over it.

Do like David did after the son of his sin died and he fasted so God would change His mind. Wash yourself (in whatever way you need to which is likely not literally washing. Listen to a sermon read a Scripture) and eat (again, same instructions). Your legacy awaits.

He had another son with his wife (I’m pretty sure some of this is about to be in another blog that was a draft first but oh well. Apologies but not.) who became king. This son did things God wouldn’t allow him to do. This son became a wise man. This son was Solomon who wrote Proverbs.

The same God that was with them is the same God available to you TOOOOOODAAAAAAAAY!

Go be great. Chiiiii. YOU and someone else is counting on it.

Camp Song: Say The Name of Jesus

Soooooo I used to go to church camp every summer. I spent seven years at one and one year at another one.

God gave me the precious gift of the Holy Ghost my first year. He started revealing His plan for me my third year.

So much of my relationship and view of God and church and whatnot can be traced to those eight hot, glorious weeks.

These are the lyrics to a song I haven’t remembered to sing in years. I may post some of the others I learned. Most were camp specific. A couple are songs that I discovered on CDs. Ion know if this one exists and I’m not searching lol.

Say the name of Jesus

Say the name of Jesus

Say the name

So precious

There’s no other name I know

That can calm your fears

And dry your tears

And wipe away your pain

When you don’t know what else to pray

And you can’t find the words to say

Say the name

Love is Part Deux

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love laid down its life
Love denied itself
Love put on what it hates
Love forgave me
Love chased me
Love waited for me
Love told me no for a better yes
Love won’t let me go
Love won’t leave me alone
Love won’t give up on me
Love sees me
Love hears me
Love chooses me
Love is relentless
Love is perfect