Olive Juice

One day, I was taught that if you say olive juice it looks like you are saying I love you if people read your lips.

I just saw an immature adult post on social media that they say this to avoid I love you.

It’s funny how something super important in the Bible, a place of impact on Christianity, has been reduced to a cheap way to say I love you.

Oil. That’s what Olive Juice is. Not what is in the jar with olives. But what is made when the olives are pressed.

When they endure a process that seems designed to destroy them. A process that crushes them and…chiii I don’t know exactly. But them thangs can’t possibly resemble what they started out as after the process to get the oil. My goodness. I added this section when I came back to proofread. Sheeeeeesh. When we….aht. I’m gonna drop down.

The super expensive stuff people buy and use for all kinds of reasons.

The substance used to signify and symbolize the anointing, the choice of God.

In the Old Testament, priests poured oil over their heads and were described as letting it run down their beards.

There were certain things they could not do without the oil. Without a tangible, physical symbol that they were chosen by God to be an intermediary with the people. Someone who the people came to who then went to God on behalf of the people.

When God rejected the choice of the people’s king (Saul) and chose another (David) the priest and prophet Samuel went to David’s father’s house and sought to anoint the king. He attempted to anoint every son. They didn’t even bring David in until Samuel asked if there was another.

Once the oil hit David, it was a wrap. David was anointed two other times.

There was a woman who lost her husband and her sons were under the threat of slavery due to her husband’s debt. He was affiliated with the prophet Elisha. She sent word that her husband was dead. He asked how he could help and what she had in her house.

She told him all she had was a little jar of oil. He told her to gather pots from her neighbors and pour oil into them. He told her to get A LOT of them. She poured and poured until she ran out of pots. Elisha told her to sell the oil to settle the debts.

Christ means anointed one.

Before his death, He was minding His business doing what He did and fellowshipping with people. A woman who was blessed by His ministry named Mary came around the group. She had an alabaster box filled with expensive oil. The people knew it’s value and were aghast at her decision to seemingly waste it on Jesus.

Whew. But Mary knew His value. I can’t. Sheesh. Jesus let them know that what she did was proper because she anointed Him for His burial.

Later on, Jesus goes to pray. To Mount Olive. Or Mount Olivet. Or the Mount of Olives. Whichever.

He knows it is almost time to die. He prays so hard He sweats blood.

I was listening to a message and he called it the Mount of I Love You or the Garden of I Love You. That thing blessed me!

Wooooooooow. This just hit me. We get a preview of the cross in a place of love and choice. He said if it were possible to let this cup pass. Nevertheless, not my Will but Your will. Talking to the Father but talking to Himself. The sacrificial Lamb who was born to die, was anointed, dropped some of the sacrifice in a place of olives that makes oil that represents anointing and choice.

This revelation on today! My good God.

He said Himself, for God so LOVED the world that He gave His only Son.

Gave. He made a choice.

He chose us.

That is a blessing and a privilege that deserves reciprocity. It deserves something in return.

It deserves our very lives and the sacrifice required.

He chose us then.

He chose us when He fulfilled the choice by saving us.

He chose us when He chose us for purpose.

He chooses us when we endure what He endured so that we can carry out our purpose.

He chooses us every day we wake up.

He chooses us even when we don’t choose Him.

Okay. The drop down. When we are anointed and chosen, life has a way of crushing us and causing us to not look like what we did when we started.

How do I know?

David was sent back to the pasture. He ended up on the run for his life because Saul was out to kill him to keep him from being God’s choice. But what God has chosen?! Tuh. Try it if you want to.

How do I know?

Because within months of receiving the Holy Ghost at age nine, my life has been tumultuous. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. At my hands and the hands of others.

Sheesh. It’s like God told the enemy the same thing He told Job. And I’m sure what you may feel like. Have you considered my servant?

To be anointed you gotta go through the process similar to the Anointed One. I can’t keep typing. This seems so long already. a;giovcklm.,v defsvijxcpregfvop’ cjkn feadsvmczx.,opjregvfogreczbjiknvzcx kopdklsvczx ;jvnvd. That is me speechless but having so much to say. Lol. This was so good to ME!

Choose Him today.

Don’t wast the oil.

Olive Juice is so precious, so expensive.

*Yoooooo. I’m sorry. I’m back. I had to edit after rewatching the message and some confusion over a name in the Bible.

In the message I mentioned up top he also pronounced olive as oh live. The Savior who was to die was in a garden of oh live. Tuh.

I’m supposed to be partaking in a Bible discussion about the women of the Bible. The genius behind it was excited because the name of the woman was unfamiliar.

It was the parable about the virgins Jesus told in Matthew. I was confused because no woman’s name was mentioned yet she had a name down.

Chiiiii. I searched Elaion and guess what? IT’S OLIVE OIL?! Fuel for the lamps. Undone I am. Ok. Addition over.*

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.


Bloody 3-30-13

This is a post from 2013. One of, if not the, first posts.  Somehow I deleted it and now it looks new.


I am in awe.  It is kind of hard to think about the sacrifice that we are commemorating this week.  I mean, come on, who would die so others could live?  Others that would betray, curse, disown, disrespect, revile?  Yeah, sure, we say we would die for people we love who love us back.  But how many of us would actually die for someone we loved who hated us or hated what we stood for?

I could never imagine being born to die.  Not only born to die, but living a life having to work with the thing I know is going to be used to take me out of here.  I will never forget the *Resurrection Sunday* sermon I heard years ago in high school.  Jesus was raised by a man who taught him about carpentry.  Imagine knowing you were going to give your life up on a tree and having to listen to, look at the manipulation of trees for a huge portion of your life.

Imagine loving people, wanted to help people, showing people, teaching people, ministering to people, giving all of who you are to people who don’t even recognize who you are.  Who don’t even appreciate who you are.  Imagine knowing that it is a necessity that you must die but at the same time the concept of the pain and shame causes you to sweat blood.  Imagine having to be separate from who you are, divine, sinless, and your Father, for something you didn’t do and people who may never accept or know you.  Imagine the worst thing, worst feeling in the world, something you hate, would hate and having to take that on and confront it all because you love a thankless people.

Imagine spending your life in the same house for decades, everybody knows you and knows your family.  You went on vacation with these people, you went to church with these people.  Some of these people were your best friends.  You spent almost every moment, good and bad, with them, giving to them far more than they could ever give you.  They want what you’re giving, miracles, signs, and wonders.  They appreciate you.  They worship you.  They allow you a parade.  They think you are the best thing ever on Sunday.

Then comes the week.  One of your friends sells you for 30 pieces of money and gives you away with a kiss on your cheek.  Others fall victim to the mind games of weak men, who desire worldly power and fear what men who have no belief in the God you are, and want you to die, yet it was a totally different story Sunday.  One of your best friends, the one who so perfectly conceptualized who you are, the one who knows you on a level that few do, promises to go with you to death, even cuts a man’s ear off, and is too ashamed to follow through with his promise.

Then comes The Day.  You have to watch the woman who birthed you, cared for you, loved you, watch you die, not for anything you’ve done, but for what everybody else has and will do.  People who were eager to eat the food, drink the wine, benefit from the miracles, join in in making fun of you, encourage those encouraging you to “show yourself” and abort the mission.  You suffer for hours, bleeding, baking in the hot sun, a human sacrifice to atone for all the sins of mankind. Finally, you surrender to what is coming next and give up your life.

Now you have to go to enemy territory.  Someone who you created, who worshipped you then turned on you, who desires to take everything from you for no real reason at all.  You have to live in torment to provide a way of escape for all who believe in you, and accept the gift of you.  Surreal to be subject to the complete antithesis of you and what you are.

Now, you have taken victory over the death and the grave and it is time to go home.  Not the place you knew as a man for 33 1/2 years, but from the beginning of time.  But imagine those same friends, grieving and crying.  One still doesn’t believe, though all of what you said would happen has happened, they have seen all of what you have done.  Before you can even go back to your father, a safe place full of love and peace, you have to rescue the best friend who has abandoned all you worked for together.  You have to show yourself to the doubter.  You have to give them instructions they don’t understand, a promise to wait for something they have never seen or felt.

What a life, what a week, what a gift, what a sacrifice, what a savior.  What LOVE.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for your life.  Thank you for giving me life, and a hope, and a future.

NAME OF GOD: Elohei Chasdi

Pastor Tony Evans created a list of all the names of God and their pronunciations that can be found here. I broke each one down separately. However, I felt that it would be nice to have all of them in one place.

(I ought to be ashamed. I kinda am. I keep meaning to finish these and for some reason I just have not made the time to do it. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. I am going to try my level best to be done by Sunday (It’s Wednesday). I would say today. But I know me. This started at the top of 2021 and it is now June 1, 2022. Help Lord.)

MEANING: God of my kindness, goodness and faithfulness.

Psalm 59:17

KJ21 Unto Thee, O my Strength, will I sing; for God is my defense, and the God of my mercy.

The author is worshiping and praising God. He identfies who God is, strength,defense and God of mercy. The author says they will sing. The chapter starts with the author asking to be delivered from their enemies. The author appears to be in trouble. What a comfort it is to know that we can go to God when we are in trouble. Even trouble of our own making. That’s what mercy is for.

ASV Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing praises: For God is my high tower, the God of my mercy.

High tower. Tall. Above other things.

AMP To You, O [God] my strength, I will sing praises; For God is my stronghold [my refuge, my protector, my high tower], the God who shows me [steadfast] lovingkindness.

Webster defines stronghold as a fortified place. A place that you can go during war that is built to protect you. My goodness. My refuge. A place to go and be safe. And then the God who shows (again according to Webster) firmly fixed in place, immovable lovingkindness. NO MATTER what I do and where I go, His lovingkindness is always there. That makes me wanna weep. But I’m a G and tears don’t come easy. Lol.

AMPC Unto You, O my Strength, I will sing praises; for God is my Defense, my Fortress, and High Tower, the God Who shows me mercy and steadfast love.

Fortress. SHOWS me mercy and steadfast love. Gives them to me. Is an example of them.

BRG Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing: for God is my defence, and the God of my mercy.

CSB To you, my strength, I sing praises, because God is my stronghold— my faithful God.

Faithful God.

CEB I will sing praises to you, my strength, because God is my stronghold, my loving God.

CJB But as for me, I will sing of your strength; in the morning I will sing aloud of your grace. For you are my fortress, a refuge when I am in trouble.

Wheeeeew. Grace. When I am in trouble.

CEV I will sing your praises! You are my mighty fortress, and you love me.

This one is simple. My MIGHTY fortress and you love me. Powerful.

DARBY Unto thee, my strength, will I sing psalms; for God is my high fortress, the God of my mercy.

ERV I will sing praises to you, my source of strength. You, God, are my place of safety. You are the God who loves me!

I am gonna be no good. My place of safety. The God who loves me.

EHV O my Strength, to you I make music, because God is my high fortress, my merciful God.

Dis tew much. To you I make music.

ESV O my Strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

ESVUK O my Strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

EXB God, my strength, I will sing ·praises [a psalm] to you. God, my ·defender [refuge], you are the God who ·loves [is loyal to] me.

Loyal to me. Loyalty is hard to come by. But God sure is loyal.

GNV Unto thee, O my Strength will I sing: for God is my defense, and my merciful God.

GW O my strength, I will make music to praise you! God is my stronghold, my merciful God!

Not just making music. Not just singing. Not just praising. But, make music with the goal, intent, and purpose to praise God. Aaaaaaah!

GNT I will praise you, my defender. My refuge is God, the God who loves me.

HCSB To You, my strength, I sing praises, because God is my stronghold— my faithful God.

ICB God, my strength, I will sing praises to you. God, my protection, you are the God who loves me.

My protection.

ISV My Strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, God of Gracious Love, are my fortress.

Yoooooooo. God of Gracious Love. Not conditional. Not fickle. Gracious.

JUB Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing, for God is my defence and the God of my mercy.

KJV Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing: for God is my defence, and the God of my mercy.

AKJV Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing: for God is my defence, and the God of my mercy.

LEB O my strength, to you I will give praise, because God is my high stronghold, my God of loyal love.

High stronghold. Those enemies are gonna have to work for it. It would be pointless if they tried.

TLB O my Strength, to you I sing my praises; for you are my high tower of safety, my God of mercy.

MSG And me? I’m singing your prowess, shouting at dawn your largesse, For you’ve been a safe place for me, a good place to hide. Strong God, I’m watching you do it, I can always count on you— God, my dependable love.

I am often at a loss for words when I get to the MSG translation. What more can one say than they are absolutely blown away by the description and the way in which it is broken down. MSG rarely fails me. I do get lost sometimes. Haha.

MEV To You, O my strength, I will sing, for God is my refuge, and the God of my lovingkindness.

NOG O my strength, I will make music to praise you! Elohim is my stronghold, my merciful Elohim!

NABRE But I shall sing of your strength, extol your mercy at dawn, For you are my fortress, my refuge in time of trouble.

Extol your mercy at dawn. I’m getting up early to talk about who You are!

NASB My strength, I will sing praises to You; For God is my refuge, the God who shows me favor.

Shows. Me. Favor.

NASB1995 O my strength, I will sing praises to You; For God is my stronghold, the God who shows me lovingkindness.

NCB But I will sing of your strength; when morning dawns, I will proclaim your kindness. For you have been my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.

Proclaim Your kindness. I’m gonna tell it!

NCV God, my strength, I will sing praises to you. God, my defender, you are the God who loves me.

NET You are my source of strength. I will sing praises to you. For God is my refuge, the God who loves me.

My source of strength.

NIRV You give me strength. I sing praise to you. God, you are like a fort to me. You are my God, and I can depend on you.

My goodness. You give me strength. You are a fort to me. My mind pictures the forts people built during war. That is who God is. He builds to protect then fights to keep safe. Sheesh. I CAN DEPEND ON YOU! People fail. They flake. They disappear. But God? We can depend on Him.

NIV You are my strength, I sing praise to you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely.

God on whom I can rely.

NIVUK You are my strength, I sing praise to you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely.

NKJV To You, O my Strength, I will sing praises; For God is my defense, My God of mercy.

NLV O my Strength, I will sing praises to You. For God is my strong place and the God Who shows me loving-kindness.

Strong place.

NLT O my Strength, to you I sing praises, for you, O God, are my refuge, the God who shows me unfailing love.

Oh no. Oh my. Unfailing love. His love does not fail. Because He does not fail. Mercy me oh my.

NRSV O my strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

NRSVA O my strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

NRSVACE O my strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

NRSVCE O my strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

OJB Unto Thee, O my Strength, will I sing; for Elohim is my strongold, and the Elohim of my chesed.

TPT O my strength, I sing with joy your praises. O my stronghold, I sing with joy your song! O my Savior, I sing with joy the lyrics of your faithful love for me!

Yo. I sing with joy your praises, your song. My savior. I sing with joy the lyrics of your faithful love. My, my, my, my, my.

RSV O my Strength, I will sing praises to thee, for thou, O God, art my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

RSVCE O my Strength, I will sing praises to thee, for thou, O God, art my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.

TLV But I—I sing of Your strength! Yes, in the morning I sing aloud of Your lovingkindness. For You have been my fortress, a refuge in the day of my trouble.

VOICE I will lift my voice to sing Your praise, O my Strength— for You came to my defense. O God, You have shown me Your loving mercy.

I will lift my voice. Came to my defense.

WEB To you, my strength, I will sing praises. For God is my high tower, the God of my mercy.

WYC Mine helper, I shall sing to thee; for thou art God, mine up-taker, my God, my mercy. (My helper, I shall sing to thee; for thou art God, my defender, the God who loveth me.)

This. All of this.

YLT O my Strength, unto Thee I sing praise, For God [is] my tower, the God of my kindness!

Love is Part Deux

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love laid down its life
Love denied itself
Love put on what it hates
Love forgave me
Love chased me
Love waited for me
Love told me no for a better yes
Love won’t let me go
Love won’t leave me alone
Love won’t give up on me
Love sees me
Love hears me
Love chooses me
Love is relentless
Love is perfect

Love Letter

Happy Valentine’s Day To Me
Thought I’d dust my ‘pen’ off
And write myself a letter
Using the original love letter
He loved me so much
He gave me his best
Fearfully and wonderfully made
Beautiful in His image
He loved me before time began
Knew me before I was formed
Saw me, chose me
Even when I’m by myself
I’m never alone
He never leaves
Rejoices over me with gladness
Quiets me with His love
Exalts over me with singing
Saw on Insta
God isn’t my Valentine
I guess
Even though
He is the I Am
Whatever I need
I’ll give her that though
Cuz He’s so much more
I could stay here all day
So much to say
But words will never suffice
With all that He is
I am enough
Ion need another human
At least not simply to flex
On a commercial holiday
I’m cool
Patiently waiting
If I’m not ready
He’s not ready
I don’t want it
But let me tell you this
He has big shoes to fill
I gotta follow him
As he follows Christ
Did you read this?
What about the Good Book?
God speed to him!
Me too

Proverbs 3

*Summary of The Message (MSG) version*

1-2: Don’t forget what we’ve been taught and take the commands to heart because they will help you live a long, full, well lived life.

It is important to remember the words of the Proverbs, but also the “words” of our lives. If we don’t keep in mind what we have been through and what we have learned, we are liable to have to endure it again. Cycles. Frustration. Wilderness. But, if we keep our lessons, what God has done for us, ever before us, we can move on and experience other things because we aren’t needlessly going through the same thing time and time again.

3-4: Maintain love and loyalty, tying them around our neck, carving their initials on our heart. Earn a reputation for living well in God and the people’s eyes

So interesting to me that love is mentioned as something we should maintain, along with loyalty, and carving their initials on our heart. Why? Because love for others, and his love for us, was so important to Jesus. It is all through the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). The Psalmist says they hide the Word in their heart that they might not sin against God (Psalm 119:11). God is love (1 John 4:7). The Word is God (John 1:1). So amazing how the Word confirms itself. It is important that we live well. Later, in 2 Corinthians 3:2, Paul tells us that we are epistles, letters, known and read of men.

5-12: Trust God from the bottom of our hearts, not trying to figure out things on our own. Listen for God’s voice in everything we do and wherever we go because He will keep us on track. Don’t assume we know everything. Run to god and from evil. Our bodies will glow healthily, bones will vibrate with life. Honor God with everything we own, giving him the first and best. We will have an abundance if we do. Don’t resent God’s discipline or take issue with His loving correction. He corrects us because he loves us.

The King James Version (KJV) says with all our heart. But seeing the bottom in the Message (MSG) version hit differently today. The bottom is the lowest part. It still means all. But seeing bottom means, to me today, with every single bit, with every last drop. With everything and all that you have. KJV says not to lean to our own understanding. The simplicity of the MSG version packs a different punch too. Leaning to our own understanding seems to speak to not doing what we know. Here, it is telling us not to be independent but depend on God. KJV says to acknowledge him in all our ways and He will direct our paths. This version is so much more thorough and intentional. Not just acknowledge Him, but also listen for His voice in EVERYTHING because he will keep us on track. This seems like it is saying be humble sit down. Hahaha. How great is it that if we run to God, we will have life and health? Giving God our first and best leading to abundance reminds me of Malachi 3 and the promise if we give tithes and offering.

13-18: Meeting wisdom is a blessing. Insight as our friend is worth more money in the bank, her friendship better than a big salary. Her value is more than what comes with wealth, nothing we desire compares to her. She gives long life on one hand and recognition on the other. She has a beautiful manner, with wonderful life that is complete, a tree of life if we embrace her. If we hold her tight we will be blessed.

I don’t know how much more even needs to be said. Wisdom and insight are so vital and important to us. We need to make sure we use wisdom and insight in all that we do.

19-20: God formed the earth with wisdom, raised heaven with insight. They knew when to signal rivers and springs to surface and dew to descend from night skies.

Same. Y’all. Same. But. How cool is God that He gives us what He used to create the world to enable us to live well and be in relationship with Him.

21-26: Guard clear thinking and common sense with our lives and don’t lose sight of them. They will keep our soul alive and well, us fit and attractive. We will have safe travel without tiring or tripping, napping without worry, sleeping well at night. We will not panic over alarms or surprises, predictions of doomsday because God will be with us keeping us safe and sound.

Being free from clutter and distraction in our mind, as well as having common sense, sets us up to live our best lives without stress and worry, without being tired and falling down. Duh. Lol.

27-29: Don’t abandon anyone who deserves help as we are God’s hand for them. Don’t put our neighbor off for later if we have the money. Don’t find ways to take advantage of a trusting, unsuspecting neighbor.

Hands and feet of Jesus. That’s what I thought. People say that’s what we should be as Christians. Facts. Jesus told us as much. Whatever we do unto those who need it we are doing unto him (Matthew 25:31-46).

30-32: Don’t have a chip on our shoulder looking to fight. Don’t shoulder our way through life being a bully because God can’t stand twisted souls. The straightforward get God’s respect.

I mean. What more is there to say? That’s not who God is. We are to be holy because He is holy (1 Peter 1:16). A bully ain’t that.

33-35: The house of the wicked are cursed by God but the home of the righteous is blessed. Proud skeptics are given a cold shoulder but those down on their luck receive help. Honor is given to wise living. Booby prizes are given to stupid living.

Reaping and sowing. Reaping and sowing. Galatians 6:7.


Spent so much time looking for a savior
Searching for a hero to rescue me
Longing for unconditional love
To be seen, valued, treasured
Wanting to matter, belong
Trying to be a round peg
In an undersized square hole
Thinking if I changed me
They would be happy
Only it was too hard
Too uncomfortable
To change what mattered most
Looking back now
I could have pushed
And tried to changed the easier part
But the easier part
Was a coping mechanism
For the parts I buried and hid
Who I am refused to die
It wouldn’t be buried or denied
My savior saved me again
Became my hero and rescued me