Proverbs 25 (The Message MSG)

Further Wise Sayings of Solomon

The Right Word at the Right Time

1 There are also these proverbs of Solomon,
    collected by scribes of Hezekiah, king of Judah.

God delights in concealing things;
    scientists delight in discovering things.

Like the horizons for breadth and the ocean for depth,
    the understanding of a good leader is broad and deep.

4-5 Remove impurities from the silver
    and the silversmith can craft a fine chalice;
Remove the wicked from leadership
    and authority will be credible and God-honoring.

6-7 Don’t work yourself into the spotlight;
    don’t push your way into the place of prominence.
It’s better to be promoted to a place of honor
    than face humiliation by being demoted.

Don’t jump to conclusions—there may be
    a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.

9-10 In the heat of an argument,
    don’t betray confidences;
Word is sure to get around,
    and no one will trust you.

11-12 The right word at the right time
    is like a custom-made piece of jewelry,
And a wise friend’s timely reprimand
    is like a gold ring slipped on your finger.

13 Reliable friends who do what they say
    are like cool drinks in sweltering heat—refreshing!

14 Like billowing clouds that bring no rain
    is the person who talks big but never produces.

This is for me.

15 Patient persistence pierces through indifference;
    gentle speech breaks down rigid defenses.

And this too. Both timely for different reasons.

A Person Without Self-Control

16-17 When you’re given a box of candy, don’t gulp it all down;
    eat too much chocolate and you’ll make yourself sick;
And when you find a friend, don’t outwear your welcome;
    show up at all hours and he’ll soon get fed up.

18 Anyone who tells lies against the neighbors
    in court or on the street is a loose cannon.

19 Trusting a double-crosser when you’re in trouble
    is like biting down on an abscessed tooth.

20 Singing light songs to the heavyhearted
    is like pouring salt in their wounds.

Eek. Ouch.

21-22 If you see your enemy hungry, go buy him lunch;
    if he’s thirsty, bring him a drink.
Your generosity will surprise him with goodness,
    and God will look after you.

23 A north wind brings stormy weather,
    and a gossipy tongue stormy looks.

24 Better to live alone in a tumbledown shack
    than share a mansion with a nagging spouse.

25 Like a cool drink of water when you’re worn out and weary
    is a letter from a long-lost friend.

26 A good person who gives in to a bad person
    is a muddied spring, a polluted well.

27 It’s not smart to stuff yourself with sweets,
    nor is glory piled on glory good for you.

28 A person without self-control
    is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out.


Proverbs 2

I think I changed my mind about the translations. I think I’m just gonna stick with The Message (MSG) translation. Also, this is paraphrased. You should go read it for yourself. 😉

1-5: Take in the words with our heart and guard them with our lives. Listen to wisdom and set our heart to a life of understanding. If we prioritize insight, don’t take no for an answer, we will receive the fear of God and have the knowledge of God.

6-8: We will have the fear and knowledge of God because He gives wisdom for free, God speaks plainly in knowledge and understanding, he gives common sense if we live well, he is A PERSONAL BODYGAURD (that hit hard if you can’t tell. Sheesh!) if we are candid and sincere. God watches those who live honestly and pays special attention to those who are loyally committed.

9-15: We can pick out what is true and fair. Wisdom will be our close friend. Knowledge will be our pleasant companion. Good sense will look ahead for danger. Insight will keep an eye out for us. All of them will keep us from making wrong turns or following bad directions given by lost people. These people are losers who make a game of evil, throwing parties to celebrate perversity, traveling paths that go nowhere, wandering in a maze of detours and dead ends.

16-19: Wise friends will rescue us from the temptress, the smooth talking seductress, who is faithless to her husband, who never thought about the promises made to God, she is doomed, walking closer to hell. People that join her do not come back or get on the path to real living.

20-22: Join the company of good men and women, keeping your feet on the tried and true paths. Men who walk straight settle the land. Women with integrity last here. The corrupt lose their lives. The dishonest are gone for good.

I kinda wanted to have something to say. However, I’s tired boss. Maybe I’ll have nice flowery words at some point. The great thing about it though, is that the Word of God really needs nothing else. It’s good all by itself.

Proverbs 1

When I was growing up at my grandfather’s church, we would read a chapter of Proverbs every day during the month of January. I haven’t done it in ages. I decided that I would this year. I may read different translations throughout the month. I opened the King James version and was like naaaaah, even though that’s what I normally read. Proverbs is a lot so I wanna dig in more via a more simple translation.

The Message *Summary of The Message (MSG) version*

1-6: The wise sayings of King Solomon were written to help us live and understand life, to learn what is right, just and fair. These proverbs exist to teach the inexperienced and give the young an understanding of reality. Solomon didn’t leave the seasoned people out-there are things for them to learn.

7: The absolute truth is written here-start with God because the first step in learning is bowing down to God.

8-19: We should pay attention to what we were told by our father and what we learned from our mother, wearing the lessons like flowers in our hair or rings on our fingers. We should not be tempted by bad companions.

20-21: Wisdom appears publicly and makes her presence known.

22-24: Wisdom asks how long we will be ignorant and refuse to learn. Wisdom tells us she can revise our lives, she is ready to pour her spirit on us, ready to tell us all she knows. We turn a deaf ear and ignore her though she has reached out.

25-28: Because we laugh at her counsel, and make a joke of her advice, she cannot take us seriously. Wisdom will make a joke of our troubles. Wisdom asks what happens if we end up in trouble, we will need her, we will call her, but we should not expect an answer. Despite how hard we look, we won’t find her.

29-33: Because we hated knowledge and did not have anything to do with the fear of God, wouldn’t take her advice, and brushed aside her offers to train us, we have to lie in the bed we made. Carelessness kills, complacency is murder. Pay attention to wisdom then relax. We can take it easy because we are in good hands.