A flower
Stands growing
All alone in a field
Water springs forth
In a dry desert
Where no life is
Because there it lives
Has tried
To destroy and kill
Like the inflatables
Knocked down
Not out
Seemed like
All was over
Just when
You almost hit the ground
Gravity took over
He took over
Up you popped
Get up
Like the flower
Stand growing in the field
Like the water
Spring forth in the desert


Camp Song: Say The Name of Jesus

Soooooo I used to go to church camp every summer. I spent seven years at one and one year at another one.

God gave me the precious gift of the Holy Ghost my first year. He started revealing His plan for me my third year.

So much of my relationship and view of God and church and whatnot can be traced to those eight hot, glorious weeks.

These are the lyrics to a song I haven’t remembered to sing in years. I may post some of the others I learned. Most were camp specific. A couple are songs that I discovered on CDs. Ion know if this one exists and I’m not searching lol.

Say the name of Jesus

Say the name of Jesus

Say the name

So precious

There’s no other name I know

That can calm your fears

And dry your tears

And wipe away your pain

When you don’t know what else to pray

And you can’t find the words to say

Say the name