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Do We Really Believe?

I’m listening to somebody sing an awesome song. I’ve conversed with them and they dont seem to trust the God they are singing about.

Jesus commissioned the disciples to do what he was doing. They watched him,earned from him, and then he said go to the people do what you’ve seen me do. (Mark 9:1-6)

A couple of them came back unable to cast a demon out. Jesus did it. The disciples asked why they couldn’t. Jesus said it was because of their unbelief. (Matthew 17:14-20)

It’s a puzzling, interesting thing that we go to church and hear sermons, hear songs, read the Bible, do all of this God-centric or God-adjacent stuff yet…

We don’t see the promises of God manifested. We look at the problem and not the problem solver.

We look at the wind and the waves and sink instead of focusing on the Savior in the middle of a miracle. (Matthew 14:25-30)

We create this hero who we don’t allow to become our friend. We create this Santa Claus but don’t fellowship with him. We create this genie but don’t allow him to lead and guide us.

We ask, but not according to his will. (1 John 5:14) So, we end up with issues. We don’t do what the Bible says do in, the way it says to do it in order to receive because we aren’t fully believing it. Why? Because our concept of who he is and how we should relate to him is skewed.

We aren’t taught or ignore the character and mind of who God truly is. If we don’t know how can we believe? Our relationship is a two way street

But, if we are conditioned to always ask, have our hand out, expect him to just do whatever we ask, we are disappointed. That affects our belief.

What a world this would be if we allowed the Word and the giver of that word to come alive in our lives. What a world this would be if we invited him in and gave him control. What a world it would be if we simply, truly believed.

No New Friends

I don’t know where I heard this the first time. I have an interesting thing with friends.

I believe part of it stems from the lack of attention and care I received from those who should have provided it.

A lot of people are talking about how dumpster fire 2020 exposed who is and isn’t for you.

But Ima be honest, I’ve been evaluating people’s positions in my life for years.

I’ve dropped people and picked them back up.

I’ve dropped people and not picked them back up.

I’ve dropped people and then was rejected when I tried to pick them back up.

I honestly should have left some people dropped. I question my judgment when losing people who were in my life that I care about.

Reasons, seasons lifetimes. Or. Tyler Perry-branches, leaves, roots. It’s hard for me to commit to the distinctions deserved.

2021 is gonna be…I can’t put into words what I believe it will be.

Seven represents completion in the Bible. God was done with creation and rested on the seventh day. 21 is a multiple of seven.

So, I believe some of what He started this year and stuff from times past is going to be completed next year. The Bible says he that has begun a good work will be completed…Philippians 1:6

I am excited!

I also realize the need to keep my circle small based on where I’m going.

I am super outgoing and wanna be friends with nice people I meet.

Ion have time for that right now. I got business to tend to. I need to focus on that rather than taking the time to cultivate new friendships.

Now, if God drops a miracle, sign, or wonder and leads me to befriend someone, sure.

However, he had 12 disciples and chose three to be present for certain circumstances. My perfect example had a tight circle. Ima rock with that and match his energy.