Olive Juice

One day, I was taught that if you say olive juice it looks like you are saying I love you if people read your lips.

I just saw an immature adult post on social media that they say this to avoid I love you.

It’s funny how something super important in the Bible, a place of impact on Christianity, has been reduced to a cheap way to say I love you.

Oil. That’s what Olive Juice is. Not what is in the jar with olives. But what is made when the olives are pressed.

When they endure a process that seems designed to destroy them. A process that crushes them and…chiii I don’t know exactly. But them thangs can’t possibly resemble what they started out as after the process to get the oil. My goodness. I added this section when I came back to proofread. Sheeeeeesh. When we….aht. I’m gonna drop down.

The super expensive stuff people buy and use for all kinds of reasons.

The substance used to signify and symbolize the anointing, the choice of God.

In the Old Testament, priests poured oil over their heads and were described as letting it run down their beards.

There were certain things they could not do without the oil. Without a tangible, physical symbol that they were chosen by God to be an intermediary with the people. Someone who the people came to who then went to God on behalf of the people.

When God rejected the choice of the people’s king (Saul) and chose another (David) the priest and prophet Samuel went to David’s father’s house and sought to anoint the king. He attempted to anoint every son. They didn’t even bring David in until Samuel asked if there was another.

Once the oil hit David, it was a wrap. David was anointed two other times.

There was a woman who lost her husband and her sons were under the threat of slavery due to her husband’s debt. He was affiliated with the prophet Elisha. She sent word that her husband was dead. He asked how he could help and what she had in her house.

She told him all she had was a little jar of oil. He told her to gather pots from her neighbors and pour oil into them. He told her to get A LOT of them. She poured and poured until she ran out of pots. Elisha told her to sell the oil to settle the debts.

Christ means anointed one.

Before his death, He was minding His business doing what He did and fellowshipping with people. A woman who was blessed by His ministry named Mary came around the group. She had an alabaster box filled with expensive oil. The people knew it’s value and were aghast at her decision to seemingly waste it on Jesus.

Whew. But Mary knew His value. I can’t. Sheesh. Jesus let them know that what she did was proper because she anointed Him for His burial.

Later on, Jesus goes to pray. To Mount Olive. Or Mount Olivet. Or the Mount of Olives. Whichever.

He knows it is almost time to die. He prays so hard He sweats blood.

I was listening to a message and he called it the Mount of I Love You or the Garden of I Love You. That thing blessed me!

Wooooooooow. This just hit me. We get a preview of the cross in a place of love and choice. He said if it were possible to let this cup pass. Nevertheless, not my Will but Your will. Talking to the Father but talking to Himself. The sacrificial Lamb who was born to die, was anointed, dropped some of the sacrifice in a place of olives that makes oil that represents anointing and choice.

This revelation on today! My good God.

He said Himself, for God so LOVED the world that He gave His only Son.

Gave. He made a choice.

He chose us.

That is a blessing and a privilege that deserves reciprocity. It deserves something in return.

It deserves our very lives and the sacrifice required.

He chose us then.

He chose us when He fulfilled the choice by saving us.

He chose us when He chose us for purpose.

He chooses us when we endure what He endured so that we can carry out our purpose.

He chooses us every day we wake up.

He chooses us even when we don’t choose Him.

Okay. The drop down. When we are anointed and chosen, life has a way of crushing us and causing us to not look like what we did when we started.

How do I know?

David was sent back to the pasture. He ended up on the run for his life because Saul was out to kill him to keep him from being God’s choice. But what God has chosen?! Tuh. Try it if you want to.

How do I know?

Because within months of receiving the Holy Ghost at age nine, my life has been tumultuous. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. At my hands and the hands of others.

Sheesh. It’s like God told the enemy the same thing He told Job. And I’m sure what you may feel like. Have you considered my servant?

To be anointed you gotta go through the process similar to the Anointed One. I can’t keep typing. This seems so long already. a;giovcklm.,v defsvijxcpregfvop’ cjkn feadsvmczx.,opjregvfogreczbjiknvzcx kopdklsvczx ;jvnvd. That is me speechless but having so much to say. Lol. This was so good to ME!

Choose Him today.

Don’t wast the oil.

Olive Juice is so precious, so expensive.

*Yoooooo. I’m sorry. I’m back. I had to edit after rewatching the message and some confusion over a name in the Bible.

In the message I mentioned up top he also pronounced olive as oh live. The Savior who was to die was in a garden of oh live. Tuh.

I’m supposed to be partaking in a Bible discussion about the women of the Bible. The genius behind it was excited because the name of the woman was unfamiliar.

It was the parable about the virgins Jesus told in Matthew. I was confused because no woman’s name was mentioned yet she had a name down.

Chiiiii. I searched Elaion and guess what? IT’S OLIVE OIL?! Fuel for the lamps. Undone I am. Ok. Addition over.*

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.