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Well…About That Winter Solstice Post

I told someone about that last post. They went in on me. I didn’t say much back. I had thoughts but didn’t share them.

First, I said we as Christians in the post. I probably should have said some of us. The we I was talking about is the we I know personally.

I was told that Christmas is the only time some people all gather collectively. I was told that’s when people forgive and heal and mend.

I was told that coming together honors God because he’s about family. I was told that it is a time of love-or something like that.

I was told that there are people who focus solely on Jesus or their higher power around the world.

I think I was told that it shouldn’t be all Jesus and praying and calling his name all day.

I said Happy Winter Solstice. I was told that the solstice is steeped in witchcraft. I said that makes the addition of Christmas at that time of year WORSE!!!!!

I was told more but don’t remember.

Again, I was a slight punk and didn’t respond much. I was told that I had a point after all of the other stuff.

My reply now? Why are we waiting until the whole year has passed to make time for our family? If God is all about family, should we not make more time?

Why are we waiting until the whole year has passed to mend and heal and forgive? Should we not be loving on each other more?

The big one. Why can we not take a day, a fast of sorts, not at Christmas cuz ya know, to sit in the miracle that is the birth of Jesus?

He did, and does, SOOOOOOOOO much for us. The sacrifice of a day meditating, living solemnly, with what he did ever before our minds seems like a small thing in the grand scheme of things.

But hey. That’s just me. Different strokes for different folks.

I am a rebel of sorts. Just because it’s been done a certain way forever doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever.

There are things I examine and question. If it doesn’t make sense, I’m not down for it.

I’m not here for perpetuating stuff cuz it “worked” for someone else. I could care less if I’m the odd one out.

I’ve tried fitting in. It still didn’t go well. So. I have decided to just do me while others do them.

Happy Winter Solstice…J/K

So, I already discussed why Christmas is canceled. But I have more thoughts about it today.

When we, as Christians, celebrate Christmas, some of us make sure we read the story of his birth before opening gifts. My family does. We’ll be on zoom in like 40 mins. I’m cool with reading the scripture cuz scripture.

Some of us go to church first thing in the morning. There are a myriad of things done to honor or celebrate Jesus first.

And then come other people’s gifts under a decorated tree and in a hung stocking on the day we commemorate his birthday.

Then we eat, sleep, watch basketball, play with toys, do things with gifts, call and text all around country and world, and whatever else.

It’s as though the celebration of his birth is one thing on a list of things to do. When, in actuality, whenever one chooses to celebrate him should be an event.

It should be a solemn occasion, set aside only for him. Where he is first. Where he is the only focus and focal point.

We should take the time and space to be in reverential awe that God created a miracle just for us to save us.

That’s the problem today though. God is just something to do. He’s, at times, an afterthought. Insead of first. Instead of placed on the throne as the King and Lord of our lives.

Could it be that the reason we don’t believe, we don’t see him move, is because we don’t keep him high and lifted? Because we don’t keep him on the throne? We don’t look up at the glory and majesty that is Him? Because we have made him small and common?

I don’t wanna do the easy thing and what’s always been done. I don’t want to minimize and trivialize the birth of my Savior because some man named Constantine attempted to co-opt something that was never for or about Jesus.

But hey, if you choose to celebrate, enjoy! Just remember who this is supposed to be about.

Christmas is Canceled…Just Like Thanksgiving

I’m an odd bird. Check out some of these posts if you haven’t. Facts.

I’ve always been different and fitting in has proven difficult at times.

I have tried to quit Christmas for years. Ending up with a sweet, precious nephew thwarted my plans.

This year I’m sticking to it. Just like I quit Thanksgiving. Or rather, Colonizer’s Day.

It isn’t really surprising to me that this is the conclusion I’ve come to. I have already rejected certain things about the way I was raised in church. This is merely an extension of that.

I sat down and examined some things and came to conclusions that were different than what I was taught. Some critical thinking. Same goes for the history of these holidays.

The colonizers celebrated living due to help from the Native Americans they stole land from and killed. I don’t care that we have tried to rewrite history and co-opt it. You can’t erase it and I won’t celebrate it ever again if I can help it.

Instead, I am going to celebrate passover. I think being grateful that God spared the life of the firstborn of the children of Israel who put blood on their door posts so the death angel would pass over is a great substitute. Because the children if Israel continued to procreate, Jesus was born to die for my sins.

Who gives gifts to others on someone’s birthday? I wish somebody would give my shine to others on my day who were born on another day.

Christmas is a pagan, commercial, money grabbing holiday. We can say Jesus is the reason for the season. We can have lil speeches and plays. But is he really and truly? Or is his shine taken by gifts and food and insanity?

Listen. If people wanna celebrate either, good for them. But I don’t. And again. The history.

Roman emperor Constantine wanted to convert people to Christianity. The people already celebrated the winter solstice. So, Constantine decided they would celebrate the birth of Christ at the same time to support his conversion efforts. Ain’t that about nothing? I kid. Noble idea poor execution.

I did some light research. I came across an article that included the thoughts of others that didn’t necessarily bear the same conclusions. To me, that’s a well written article. https://jewsforjesus.org/publications/issues/issues-v23-n02/when-jesus-was-really-born

The conclusion is that Jesus was born in September or October in the lead up to Rosh Hashanah. So guess what ya girl will be celebrating? Lol.

My thing is, like TD Jakes once preached, make the main thing the main thing. If we are really celebrating and reflecting on Jesus, none of the other stuff should come into play-the tree, the gifts, the capitalism, the frenzy.

Plus. There are TONS of holidays and birthdays all year that provide reasons, or just cuz, to give gifts.

But hey. This is just me. Do you boo. Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus.


I will honestly be glad when Christmas comes and goes. I just deleted an email about a sale.

I’ve tried and failed and said repeatedly that I’m quitting Christmas. Reasoning? Christmas should be about Jesus.

But should it really? Word on the street is that Jesus couldn’t have been born in December. And what is most telling? The celebration of Jesus’ birth was supposedly chosen to coincide with a pagan holiday to assist Christian converts. It’s no wonder it is still so completely pagan.

My theory for quitting is that it is supposed to be about Jesus and we have our own birthdays. But since my family hasn’t quit I have yet to quit. 😂😂😂

Who knows if this is really my last year. But I don’t go too too crazy and they don’t either. It helps that my nephew was born around Christmas so we focus on him more for his birthday. We didn’t spend more than 30 on each other (my mom and sister).

But since the holiday isn’t really his birthday why not buy other people gifts? There are customary scripture readings and Christmas programs. I guess gift giving is somewhat reflective of the gift we were given at some point in the year.

To be honest Easter-which I think is the same sitch as far as pagan and Christian colliding-is far more important as a believer as it is more of the foundation for this whole Christianity thing. Ya know, the resurrection and all. But that’s been misrepresented too-the whole 3 days and nights but if he died Friday he couldn’t have mathematically risen Sunday.

I digress. I don’t know that I’ve resolved anything or said anything important.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Happy Festivus. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Hanukkah.