Selfish, Selfish, Selfish

This is us us is this.

If I tell you you hurt me, the best response is to apologize.

Especially as a Christian.

But nope.

I tripped and that’s why I hit you.

You stopped too close to me so that’s why I hit you.

They pushed me and that’s why I hit you.

If you were paying attention and hadn’t gotten in my way I wouldn’t have hit you.

I didn’t hit you that hard it couldn’t have hurt.

So now, as the hurt party, I’m injured all over again. Twice. And now we have a problem.

I may end up bitter and with unforgiveness because all I needed was an apology.

Instead of just owning the fact that you hurt me, you refuse to be accountable. And you are mad that I blamed you.

And now we are both walking around offended.

What if we treated people the way we want to be treated?

What if we treated people the way Jesus treated us?

What if we treated people as if God is truly watching and taking score? Like He ACTUALLY is.

At times, our intentions don’t matter. Their impact does.

Be better. Do better. There are consequences now and eternally.

I promise this is for me. Hahahaha.

Every single second matters. And we only have so many. We have to be far more aware of that.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.


Cheap Isn’t Always Better

I am going THROUGH it right now.

The Scripture that just came to mind is this: We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 KJV.

This perfectly describes my situation. Just about everything that can go wrong has been going wrong.

But, I am focused on my anchor. When I try to lose it, okay when I did at the beginning of this current transition and some moments since, I bring myself back around to who God is. See Tricky Trust & Fickle Faith.

One of my issues right now is my car. It is stationary. That affects my ability to work my gig job. Which is affecting my ability to pay my car payment. Which will affect my ability to work my job and have a car.

I really wanna freak out and stress out. I have some plans in the works to get funds to get the money to pay. But they are taking forever.

I also asked around for a mechanic. I was trying to do it as cheap as possible. The mechanic has been unresponsive. And he may have given bad advice.

After he didn’t answer the call after the text from the other day, I called around. The prices are far higher than the mechanic or what I wanted to pay.

He will likely do it right. He works in an actual shop. But he is MIA. And I gotta get this together. I had plans for what I wanted to fix and which funds. But, one set of funds is delayed another week. Now, I have to adjust how I’m going to do all that I need to do.

The deadline for the car payment is far closer for comfort than I’d like without actual funds in hand. Especially with a holiday Monday.

But, here’s the thing. In Bible class last night they talked about when Samuel was off doing the things of God and Saul became impatient. Saul offered the burnt offering Samuel should have. Because of this, Samuel told Saul another king would come into power. (1 Samuel 13)

Doing the cheap or convenient or easy thing may cost far more in the long run. I’m going to invest in my car so I can keep it at least another six years or until I want to get a new car.

I’m going to invest in trust and faith in God so when something that requires more faith comes I can handle something bigger. Faith to faith and alla that (Romans 1:17). I’m gonna keep rehearsing the fact that I’ve been here before. And I’ve not been forsaken or begging bread (Psalm 37:25).

When He does it He will get the glory. That’s the point of it all anyway. So that He gets the glory out of my life. You got it Boss!

*The saga continues Waiting Is The Action But Patiently Is The Attitude*

Love is Part Deux

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love laid down its life
Love denied itself
Love put on what it hates
Love forgave me
Love chased me
Love waited for me
Love told me no for a better yes
Love won’t let me go
Love won’t leave me alone
Love won’t give up on me
Love sees me
Love hears me
Love chooses me
Love is relentless
Love is perfect