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Hate to break it to us…the change of the year isn’t some magic spell.

I’ve said I was ready for the new year, throw 2020 away. It’s been team too much.

What I’ve come to realize and understand about this year is so simply profound.

Some of us lost some stuff to grow. Some of us won some stuff to grow.

Regardless, the mere fact that we have made it through 2020 en route to 2021 is a miraculous blessing in and of itself.

Of all the things I’ve learned, the one I think matters most is this: miracles aren’t always big, huge, events.

The scale moving in the right direction was a miracle.

Keeping my mouth closed when I wouldn’t have before is a miracle.

Letting people go was a miracle.

Apologizing and welcoming people back was a miracle.

Forgiving was a miracle.

Moving forward in immense pain under stress was a miracle.

So, no, no magic in less than 12 hours. But another opportunity for another miracle.

20. 20.

I am grateful to see the end of the year mostly unscathed.

I lost a family member to the rona.

Four family members definitely recovered. One likely recovered.

A childhood friend’s mom was lost to the rona.

An asthmatic family member lost their life due to a chemical reaction.

I lost an uncle due to a variety of health issues.

An uncle was rushed to the hospital, and though serious, it wasn’t as bad as was thought.

Two coworkers and a boss tested positive for the rona and have recovered.

I am no longer on speaking terms with my father. 21 years of foolishness resulted in my departure-at his prodding-for my peace of mind.

Endured the craziest three point five weeks with a male I have ever experienced in the middle of a pandemic.

Left some friends-acquaintances-alone.

Left some family members alone.

Reconnected with some friends I let go.

Made a new friend.

Made some new connections.

Followed purpose with expectation of fulfilled vision-from years ago. Not a catchy 2020 gimmick.

Realized some things that I needed to work on and change.

Saw some growth.

Chose myself.

2020 was wild.

But the BEST thing? Focusing on the best friend I’ll ever have, my big brother, my Lord, my Savior.

I’ve been coasting and on autopilot. When Jesus and I are cool, winds and waves don’t play.

I ended this year forced to look to him.

Best decision.

It’s been wild.

But it’s been worth it.

Here’s to 2021.

A multiple of seven.

Biblical meaning of completion.

I expect Jesus to complete some things.

I expect craziness. It wouldn’t be my life without some tests and trials.

I know who’s got me.

I don’t expect easy.

But I expect peace. I expect joy. I expect good things-no matter how it looks or feels.

Cuz I rock with the one who can speak to whatever I face.

I am never alone or forsaken.

That alone makes it well with my soul.

No New Friends

I don’t know where I heard this the first time. I have an interesting thing with friends.

I believe part of it stems from the lack of attention and care I received from those who should have provided it.

A lot of people are talking about how dumpster fire 2020 exposed who is and isn’t for you.

But Ima be honest, I’ve been evaluating people’s positions in my life for years.

I’ve dropped people and picked them back up.

I’ve dropped people and not picked them back up.

I’ve dropped people and then was rejected when I tried to pick them back up.

I honestly should have left some people dropped. I question my judgment when losing people who were in my life that I care about.

Reasons, seasons lifetimes. Or. Tyler Perry-branches, leaves, roots. It’s hard for me to commit to the distinctions deserved.

2021 is gonna be…I can’t put into words what I believe it will be.

Seven represents completion in the Bible. God was done with creation and rested on the seventh day. 21 is a multiple of seven.

So, I believe some of what He started this year and stuff from times past is going to be completed next year. The Bible says he that has begun a good work will be completed…Philippians 1:6

I am excited!

I also realize the need to keep my circle small based on where I’m going.

I am super outgoing and wanna be friends with nice people I meet.

Ion have time for that right now. I got business to tend to. I need to focus on that rather than taking the time to cultivate new friendships.

Now, if God drops a miracle, sign, or wonder and leads me to befriend someone, sure.

However, he had 12 disciples and chose three to be present for certain circumstances. My perfect example had a tight circle. Ima rock with that and match his energy.