I Want To See You

I’ve lived a lot of life in these 36 years.

I’ve helped people eat, shop, furnish their homes.

I’ve helped people with their money, file divorces, establish paternity, obtain child support orders.

I’ve stood before hundreds and told them what the law requires.

I’ve helped write law and ensure that the statewide child support system functions as designed and required by that same law.

I’ve made it through law school and failed the bar twice.

I’ve ensured that college kids are safe.

I’ve done some really great things that I never really talk about.

I wasn’t raised, nor does the Bible instruct one, to focus on my accomplishments and what is so great about myself. The humility of it all. But let’s not get it twisted. Lol.

I’ve been to a lot of churches.

I’ve been around a lot of church people.

I’ve espoused and encountered a lot of interesting Biblical thoughts.

Through it ALL I’ve seen Jesus.

A lot.

On many days.

In many ways.

Of all I’ve seen,

All I’ve done-which was truly no goodness of my own,

What humbles me the most,

And brings me the most joy,

Is the fact that He shows Himself to me.

While I have goals, hopes, and dreams,

The thing I desire, more than anything,

Is to see Him in ways I’ve never seen Him.

To experience all that His Word promises.

Many of my goals, hopes, and dreams,

Have GOT to come from Him.

Cuz they are nuts to me.

Any of them can go in the trash or change.

Cuz Ion want a thing that is not perfectly crafted for me.

I’ve given up on how I thought things would go,

How I thought things would look,

Who I thought would be here.

I’m better for it.

Because I see Jesus.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it!