Bible Books Descriptions

Before I started preaching as a teenager, my grandfather pastor had the assistant pastor provide me with some training. The book used was appropriately titled Training for Service. I have managed to keep it for over 20 years and decided to do a self-guided review of the book. It is a really great book for understanding the Bible.

There are a couple of charts reprinted with permission from Standard Publishing’s Old Testament Maps and Charts and New Testament Maps and Charts that I’m going to type out below. They offer short descriptions of all 66 books. I found it interesting and beneficial. I thought someone else might too. I’m gonna go ahead and end the blog with my sign off here: go be great. Someone is counting on it!

Genesis: Beginning of the world, humanity, and the Hebrew nation

Exodus: Release of the Hebrew nation from captivity in Egypt

Leviticus: Laws of the priesthood

Numbers: Forty years in the wilderness

Deuteronomy: Reviewing the Law before entering the Promised Land

Joshua: Conquest of Canaan

Judges: First 300 years of the Hebr3ew nation in Canaan

Ruth: Beginning of the Messianic family

1 Samuel: The Hebrew nation becomes a Kingdom

2 Samuel: The reign of David

1 Kings: The reign of Solomon and the separation of Israel and Judah

2 Kings: Last 130 years of Israel and last 250 years of Judah

1 Chronicles: Genealogies and the reign of David

2 Chronicles: Reign of Solomon and the history of Judah until captivity

Ezra: Return from captivity and the rebuilding of hte temple

Nehemiah: Wall of Jerusalem rebuilt

Esther: Jews saved from extermination

Job: The problem of suffering

Psalms: Hymn and prayer book of the Hebrew nation

Proverbs: Wisdom about the practical affairs of life

Ecclesiastes: A debate about the meaning of life

Song of Songs: Glorification of marital love

Isaiah: Warnings to Judah and prophecies of the Messiah

Jeremiah: Warnings of the coming destruction of Judah

Lamentations: Poems by Jeremiah lamenting the fall of Jerusalem

Ezekiel: Prophecies to the Jews during the captivity

Daniel: The prophet Daniel in Babylon; Daniel predicts future events

Hosea: Israel described as God’s unfaithful wife

Joel: Judah called ot repentance after experiencing disaster

Amos: Wickedness of Israel condemned

Obadiah: The destruction of Edom

Jonah: An errand of mercy to the enemies of Israel

Micah: Impending fall of Israel and Judah

Nahum: the destruction of Nineveh foretold

Habakkuk: God to use Babylon to judge Judah

Zephaniah: Imminent judgment of Judah

Haggai: Encouragement ot Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple

Zechariah: Encouragement ot God’s people rebuilding the temple

Malachi: Condemnation of priests and people who returned form captivity

Matthew: Jesus the Messiah

Mark: Jesus the powerful servant of God

Luke: Jesus the Son of Man

John: Jesus the Son of God

Acts: History of the ministries of Peter and Paul

Romans: Justification by grace through faith

1 Corinthians: Solving problems in a selfish, sensual church

2 Corinthians: Joys of repentance, defense of Paul’s apostleship

Galatians: Freedom in Christ

Ephesians: The glorious church

Philippians: Joy in Christ

Colossians: Christ is superior to any philosophy or religion

1 Thessalonians: Holy living and second coming of Christ

2 Thessalonians: Questions about the second coming of Christ

1 Timothy: How to lead a church

2 Timothy: Preaching the gospel in a hostile environment

Titus: Church maturity and church leadership

Philemon: Personal letter about forgiveness and fellowship

Hebrews: Superiority of Christianity over Judaism

James: Practical advice for faithful living

1 Peter: Enduring suffering

2 Peter: Teaching the truth

1 John: Assurance of salvation in the midst of false teaching

2 John: Warning against false teachers

3 John: Warning against false teachers

Jude: Warning against false teachers

Revelation: Ultimate victory of Christ and the church