This Place

Heeeeeeeey y’all. I feel like I’ve been neglectful. I’ve barely written anything in this space.

I have posted gems and nuggets over on Instagram. If you wanna find me it is karlissaann. Not to be confused with the one a in the middle over here. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ I dunno why or what I was thinking. I may end up changing Insta to mirror this to make it a one stop shop. Cuz this was first and will be more difficult.

Anywho. I just haven’t had the pull or leading to write anything long form. I’ve seen God. And I could have forced something. But He hasn’t pushed me to do anything here. I may just do a screenshot inspiration dump.

I’ve been trying to be more quiet and intentional with my words. I do post a bunch in my story on Insta (which is linked to my Facebook I barely post on).

There’s a reason for it. I got some ppl who have need of what I got going on over there. Cuz let me tell you. Left to my own devices, I’d be here and on Snapchat. And Snap is only for my inner circle. Cuz, as I’ve learned, everything ain’t for everybody.

Sometimes we are unknowingly stumbling blocks (that’s Bible) or cause people to covet (more Bible). I’m not trying to do too much on socials like I have in the past.

Y’all. I’m trying to walk out the stuff I say and write. I have been tested and tried. I’m sure I’ll have content soon. I mean, teaching these kids is plenty of fodder. As is my interactions with my coworkers. And riding the bus.

But, I’m super emotional and have been struggling. I no longer write from that place. Well that isn’t top of mind or fingers. Cuz there is emotion tied to everything. I just like to have it under control by the time I write about whatever. And I’m so not in control of much and it’s been difficult to harness my emotions. My peace and joy have been attacked. I’ve written enough about this place.

So, I’m gonna go through the growing pains and wait on the Lord. When I move from here, I’ll have a lot to say. Until then, I may just do a series of inspirational dumps. Cuz I’m fairly confident there are some people over here who could use it too.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it!