Just Shut Up





I had a DAY today. I had one last week too.

I told two people who I KNOW have my back.

I didn’t really complain. I was honest about what was going on and my state of mind. My feelings.

After I told them, I turned my phone off and went to sleep. I prayed when I woke up.

But the key thing is I didn’t just talk when I prayed. I sat and waited for Him. Prayer is a two way conversation. Not a one sided monologue. I got what I needed.

I read my people’s texts. Their response? Prayer and Scripture.

I had a text from someone else who was hot because I had my phone off then on DND. I told them what was going on cuz they have some stuff in common. They were a blessing of encouragement.

I would love to say I was good after that. I wanted to run my mouth and vent. I called two people. God, in His providence, didn’t allow them to answer. So when one texted, I just asked them about something I wanted to know in addition to being honest about how friggin hard today was.

These mountains and valleys, these rollercoasters, this cross, this death of the flesh, these altars that this life is sacrificed on, ain’t for the faint of heart.

But that’s the point. To be like Him I have to endure what He did.

He’s just teaching my hands to war.

He’s preparing me and equipping me for what He knows is ahead.


It is painful to grow.

But growing I am. I’ve seen it. My people, this one I am talking about here and my other one, have. I KNOW I’m doing what I should.

But shoot. Even Jesus took exception to what He knew He had to do. At this point, I’m inclined to believe it was more for our benefit than it was an actual issue with what He created Himself to do.

Again. He created Himself to lay down His life for us.

He, God, created a body, Jesus, to lay down as a sacrifice, to give us a piece of Himself, the Holy Spirit, to dwell in us as the Comforter. See Salvation.


Go be great. Someone is counting on it.