Be Healed And Grow Up

I think that there are a lot of us working while wounded. We were hurt and traumatized and stopped maturing past a certain age.

There are people in my life whose trauma I am aware of. I know when it happened and their actions and behavior aligns with the age they were when they were traumatized.

Though they are chronologically a certain age, they are still stuck at the age that they were harmed.

It’s why they are incapable of being in proper relationship with me and other people.

There is an Apostolic, and even just Christian, arrogance that I’ve observed. I mean I’ve been at this for almost 36 years. We receive salvation, come into the knowledge of who Christ is, and all of a sudden we are perfect.

We never sinned or will sin again. We never make mistakes. We are perfect. And everyone else around us has to be perfect or they are no good. We got heaven on lock.

Meanwhile, we are hell on earth outside of the church. Because we were taught to wear masks and facades from those before us. We weren’t told it was okay to have issues. It was okay to need therapy. Just pray about it. Go talk to the pastor. Who is a human walking around with unhealed issues as well.

Jesus sacrificed and provided everything we need. But people and this world have taught us to just get over it. Just move on. Ignore it. Act like it never happened. But it did. And people can see your trauma. That’s why all of our friends and relationships are just as dysfunctional as we are.

We attract who we are and what we are. Until we realize what is going on with us and desire better, we will always be stuck in circles and cycles, marking time being unhappy and unfulfilled. Wanting to do things but unable to complete them. Because we think we are better and more evolved than we are.

I sat I my trauma. I looked at myself. I didn’t like all of what I saw. I asked God some questions. I know this is a tad redundant from other blogs. I looked at the choices I made. I looked at who my family and friends were and the choices they made. We all have a part to play. But our experiences and relationships inform, lead us to make certain choices.

If we have horrible human relationships it’s hard to have a good relationship with God. Even when we have experienced His blessings, miracles, and favor.

That’s why who we surround ourselves with is so vitally important. I love A LOT of people. But I had to let go of them and put them out.

There’s Bible for it and I’ve written about it. πŸ—£ means Scripture to look up.

Elisha shut the door and was alone with the boy who died and came back to life. πŸ—£

Elisha told the widow to gather pots and then close the door leaving her alone with her two sons. πŸ—£

Jesus put everyone out of Jairus’ house except his family and the three disciples who went in with Him. πŸ—£

They had to create spaces and atmospheres for the miracles and healing to take place. There could be no distractions. There could be no negative energy. There could be no doubters. There could be no complainers.

If we are trying to get to certain places, we should be surrounded by and taking advice from people who have achieved what we are trying to achieve. We should never be the smartest in every room. We should never be the most evolved. We should never be the richest.

I suggest that we evaluate who we are, where we are, why we are the way we are. And seek the help that we need. Embrace the peace, love, and joy that is written in the Bible and available. He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. πŸ—£ He came to set the captive free and give us liberty. I think that is a twofer πŸ—£πŸ—£.

I get it. You want to do what you were created to do. But you don’t know how. You want to be free and delivered. But you don’t know how. All it really takes is being honest and vulnerable with God. And accepting what He tells and shows you. Accepting who and what He sends. Being willing to be hurt and disappointed. Being willing ro endure hardness like a good soldier. πŸ—£ Being willing to die to your will and desires. πŸ—£ Being willing to undergo surgery because His Word is a twowdge sword that cuts. πŸ—£ Being willing to present not just your body, but, entire life and all your goals and dreams as a living sacrifice. πŸ—£Being willing to have to walk away and hope that it’s there or better when you come back.

Jesus never promised ease but He did promise ability. He promised to be with us. πŸ—£ His servant promised the ability to do all things through Him because He gives us strength. πŸ—£ His strength is made perfect in OUR weakness. πŸ—£Our vulnerability and inability is what He wants. It gives Him the ability to be the Potter as we become clay. πŸ—£ It takes work, heat, pressure, and a lot of other things for water, dirt, and paint to become pottery. But once it is made, it is beautiful. There are so many different things, us, that simply come from dirt and water. Oooooooh. That is a whole nother blog that will probably never be written. Lol. I kid. Cuz that was good to me. But this is long enough.

There is no reason to be sad, hurt, confused, angry, and suffering. Make the hard decisions and live well the one life we have. Go be great. Your life depends on it. So do so many others.