How can you love a God you haven’t seen but can’t love people you can? I paraphrased a Scripture found in one of the three books John wrote towards the end of the Bible. πŸ—£ means a verse to look up so you know what it says for yourself.

I have been vexed for YEARS about the fact that we cannot possibly know what love is. We cannot possibly know who Jesus is. Despite all the church and all the Bible.

Cuz love is an action. For God so loved the world. πŸ—£ God is love. πŸ—£Love sacrificed on the cross. πŸ—£

That wasn’t convenient. It wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t something He did if He could fit it in his schedule or wasn’t too busy. It wasn’t something He just ignored or failed to do.

We are admonished by Him, His disciples, and His apostles over, and over, and OVER to love. Like He did. Like we want to be loved.

But. Something is amiss. Like the disciples Jesus found problematic. They had all of these reasons and excuses as to why they couldn’t follow Him. πŸ—£ People have so many reasons and excuses for why they can’t be in healthy relationship with people.

We don’t talk but when we do we pick back up where we left off. Let God take a year to answer your prayer.

I work all day and then get busy. I don’t feel like talking. Well Jesus didn’t feel like going to the cross but He did.

My bad. I was gonna call you back but forgot. Ooops. God fogot to heal you. His bad.

Like bruh. What is going on with God’s children? Christians? His disciples who should be walking, talking, acting, moving like Him?

I will say for the ones who look like me, descended from enslaved people, many of us have never been loved properly. We are traumatized. We are operating off of religion that we learned from the god the slave masters created and not the One of the Bible.

Cuz all this me, me, me selfishness ain’t it. We want people to support us but we can’t support and be there for those we say we love and are in relationship with.

What if that text or phone call is the last one before they end it all? Now they’re dead and you’re the one crying the loudest looking and feeling as stupid as you should.

What if that text or phone call is the answer to the prayers you have prayed? But since you couldn’t be bothered you missed that moment and have to wait forever to get it. When you simply could have had it if you made time for another human.

And. How hard is it to check on people and initiate contact? Scroll through the phone and send some texts? If you think about someone text or call? Could it be God placed them on your mind or they are in your phone for a reason?

I REFUSE to be apathetic and isolated and unaware of or unavailable for those around me who are in need. I keep saying it and will keep saying it. The hands and feet of Jesus.

Could it be the reason we aren’t receiving the miracles, signs, wonders, and healing of the land, because in addition to not humbling ourselves and turning from our wicked ways, we aren’t doing what Jesus told us concerning those around us? πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£ That’s definitely, at least three.

Maybe we should go back and pay attention to everything Jeus said and how He said it. Cuz we just won’t get or see some things if we don’t follow instructions.

Go be great. Jesus demanded. He and those attached to, assigned to you are waiting and counting on it.