I’m Gone Move

I went to Convocation at the end of July. Almost a week of just church services and church related stuff. Ion usually like talking about this but it should put this blog into perspective. The day after Convocation I went on a consecration/fast. It was with someone else for a week. Their idea but I was down for it.

As soon as it was over, God said the rest of the month sis. That’s why I said I was on a siesta and why I’ve been moving in interesting ways with my people in real life, on my blog, and social media. Lol. I was raised to not tell people or act like you are hungry and fasting. Just go on with life as usual.

I did it in secret and He rewarded openly. I did it in secret and responded to His directives and miracles openly. But. It is important to let people know that Jesus is right about not just prayer but prayer AND fasting.

In You Gone Move Or Nah, I talked about moves I’d made. I talked about being happy about finding a new church.

I definitely withheld information. Lol. What I didn’t say was that the move was temporary. I knew before I arrived at my destination that I wasn’t going to be there for life.

I expected it to be longer than two months to be quite honest about it. I honestly feel like I look crazy.

But here are a few points that settle me. Haha. My sister for life told us she heard God say it’s settled the FIRST Sunday I met her. Whew.

At convocation someone said it looks the same but it is different. I feel like I look like a runner or a trackstar. But I really feel like I moved differently when faced with some things I endured before. And I handled them with far more grace and understanding than I did before. I grew up!

Someone else said acceleration. A speeding up of the process. I was super focused on the why. And the who. And the what. I looked for purpose in everything. I made sure to align my behavior and words in ways that surrendered to what God wanted to do.

My former pastor said that things would speed up. What would take years would take months.

Lastly. If I’m gone talk about it I’m gone have to be about it.

I love the pastor, first lady, and the members. I wish heaven’s best and the manifestation of God’s perfect will. I thought I was walking into one thing that became something else. That is perfectly fine. Who I was when I walked through the doors was perfect for what I saw.

Who I became, and in part who I already was, was not well suited. And guess what? That is okay! It is okay to evolve and grow and have no hard feelings or wish no ill will.

One of the things that they said at the church was up and out. I got rejuvenated and fortified for the journey ahead. I will never regret or despise my time there.

But, I gotta do what I gotta do. And that means going back to my home organization and finishing, revamping the work my grandfather started. I have a rich heritage and legacy I cannot run from. Dorothy was on to something. There’s NO PLACE like home. After 5 years away, 2 back, and 10 away again, I have TRULY come to realize that.

He that has begun a good work… That is definitely a Scripture to look up. I’m the fourth generation and fourth preacher. None of my mom’s generation has declared or accepted a call to preach unlike me, their father, and paternal grandparents.

Go be great. No matter what. No matter how hard it is. No matter how crazy it looks. Abraham much? Heed the voice of God and quiet any voice that doesn’t support His.

People can ask questions. But consider HOW they ask questions. Is it to understand and make sure you heard God? Or is it out of doubt and fear, in ways that will make you think you didn’t hear God because they can’t fathom that God would have you do it? Or it is something they would never do?

Job’s friends and family are great examples of who NOT to be around. Love them. I have a few of my own. But… I’m gone leave that alone. Cuz that’s all they know. Ima keep building.

Again. Go be great. Someone’s life, soul, eternity depends on it.