What Is That

I was having a conversation about legacy and my vision for something I’m putting together for my future. I was talking about the body of Christ and all of the denominations coming together. Somehow, some way, I ended up in Acts 2.

When the people began speaking in tongues in the upper room when they received salvation, the people outside were confused. They were befuddled by the fact that they were different but heard all of their languages. They thought the people were drunk.

My gangsta boo, BFF Peter was like “nah playa. We ain’t drunk like y’all think. We drunk off Jesus. Dis dat fiya (fire) that they talked about. Let me tell you something about this.” And then he went on to preach the single best and most important message anyone besides Jesus preached.

I have been in churches off and on for almost 36 years. I have read Acts 2 COUNTLESS times. I have talked about it. I have written about it. I have thought about it. It is the foundation of my belief system.

Yeeeeeeeeeeet. Never has it hit me like it did today. That’s why people say it is a living document, the living word, the bread of life (I’m fairly confident some of those are actually written in the Bible. You should search and see. Gotta make sure I’m on the up and up after all).

They, and clearly I, say that what it says to you can change depending on when you read it and where you are in life. What it revealed or said to you before can be totally different. It doesn’t change. But our maturity or prayer life or circumstances may cause us to see it with new eyes. My regulars should know that’s true for me. Cuz sis be over here baffled about some of what these fingers tap out. He’s a mighty good God like that. And I’m grateful. Ok. Detour pit stop over.

Jesus died for the sins of the world. 🗣I’m just gonna have to act right. That means Scripture to look up. He didn’t die just for His chosen people Israel/Jewish people. 🗣He was including and being inclusive of everyone. 🗣

Cuz before His death, the Jews were isolated and separate. 🗣 I almost said something. But I need yall to know the Holy Ghost won’t let you say errythang that comes to mind. I didn’t always let it be my guide over this little member of a tongue. That’s two 🗣🗣. Oh. All things are lawful but not expedient. 🗣AKA I could but I shouldn’t.

When He came on the scene, as a Jewish person, He was everywhere with everybody. 🗣He set the stage for what we find in Acts 2.

The Bible talks about how the church is one body and many members. Some are arms, legs, feet, etc. That’s where I started when talking about the Christian denominations coming together. And ended up connecting how intentionally inclusive it was of God that the witnesses of the evidence of the promised Comforter were able to identify with the move of God. They were able to “see” themselves in the fulfillment of the promise He made.

His choice opened their hearts and minds via their ears hearing what was familiar to them. By being able to “see” themselves in the people of God, Peter’s job was made easy when he addressed them. What started out as 120 in the upper room led to 3,000 more taking part.

He said He came for everyone and had to make good on that promise. I am fascinated and in awe of the way that He chose to do it. Never read it like that but wow. His wonders truly never cease.

Go be great. He’s great and if we are His disciples we have no choice. He’s waiting. And so are we!