He’s A God Of Answered Prayer

Sometimes we do too much. The most. We stay asking for all kinds of stuff. We don’t even remember all the prayers we pray. Cuz we pray seeking what we want and not the perfect will of God.

I have wanted to go home since May. I finally made it the other day cuz I was gonna get my uncle to help me buy a car. I feel like I prayed and got the okay to go. I think I was okay with not getting a car if I couldn’t.

I was set on one particular car. It was trash. So we went to the dealership where I got my last car. I was fairly confident I wasn’t going to be able to get financing cuz of this weird place I’m in in transition and other reasons.

While I sat in the dealership for forever, I came to the conclusion that bus and lyft life would be fine. Eventually, (like maybe after I left) I remembered praying like two years ago about not wanting a car payment and wanting to get rid of my car. I tried to trade with my sister and everything.

It wasn’t time to get rid of it. I still needed the blessing of it that it was when I got it though it was becoming a burden. I determined to have peace about the situation with having to keep the car and then the accident two years later. As a result, I was blessed beyond measure.

I wanted a cash car and was gonna get a payment if I had to. But I couldn’t. God honored the blessing of no car payment. And then I also realized that I am no longer going to be able to do what I do while doing instacart. But I can in the street and on the bus and in the lyft. The hands and feet of Jesus of it all.

Reading John Hannah’s “Just Pray” drove home the scatteredness (chiiiii I probably just made that up. 😂🤣 bahahahahaha) of our prayer life and needing to pray His will.

Peace is a gift but we have to work at it some times. Just like faith. If I didn’t seek the why I would have been frustrated about not having a car. Like I said, there are more reasons I’ve discovered. But I am determined to be in His perfect will.

I’m gonna examine me, my previous prayers, and what’s going on in my life to discover His will and maintain my peace. That requires prayer. And He will answer. Cuz He is a God of answered prayer.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it. And it just might be you. 😊❤