You Can’t Die Here

We sat on the tarmac more than 30 minutes after our departure was scheduled to take place.

I was so tired that I fell asleep and only realized this fact as we prepared to take off.

Once we were in the air, our flight could have been mistaken for a rollercaster ride.

I prayed but then I had some thoughts.

One, Jesus slept on the boat during a storm. Writing this reminds me of when He walked on water during another storm.

Two, I haven’t seen what God said or what God showed me. I can’t die until the words He spoke are manifested in the earth. Cuz His word can’t return to Him void 🗣 (that’s some Scripture to look up). It HAS TO accomplish what it was sent to.

So, I closed my eyes and smirked as we shook and bounced as other people expressed discomfort.

I have a peace about everything going on. I simply trust God too much to give too much anxious or negative energy to things. Sure, I take a moment to be confused, hurt, or frustrated.

Then I try to find God in it. Why? What is He trying to teach me? What have I prayed for that this is answering in ways I didn’t expect? How can I be content in the state I find myself in? 🗣

It ain’t easy being breezy. I have definitely not handled this perfectly. And I won’t. But I’m trying. And I can see how it is paying off.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it!