I’ve been better about this lil siesta. But there are clearly a few things this turtle needs to pop out for.

The other day I put this hashtag on something I said on Insta and FB.

We do and say so many things that are not Biblical.

We have catchy phrases, nice lil concepts, and all kinds of things.

But, my question to us is, what does the Bible say?

I get He’s an innovative God and we have different methods. That’s not what I’m talking about.

The way we walk out our faith. The way we position and present ourselves. The justification for some of what we do. How we teach and preach Scripture. How we love. How we live our lives. How we interact. How we lead. How we serve.

I have come to the conclusion that I gotta involve God in everything. I’m not as good as I could be yet. But I see progress. And when things go awry, are messed up, I can pinpoint and point to the fact that I didn’t necessarily consult God.

And baaaaaaybeeeee. It is so important in the times we are living in to seek Him for every single thing. No matter how small. He’s in the details.

Case in point. I wanted to share something with someone but this lil isolation siesta prohibited it. But guess what? My pastor mentioned it. That blew me away. I took that to God and He, just a few days later, ensured that the message made it where it needed to go.

He cares about it all and wants it all. The Bible exists for a reason. We should be far more familiar with and far more focused on it than we are. Somewhere it says line upon line precept upon precept. Look that up. I may be out of context. But. Our lives should be guided by and in line with the Bible.


And if we are confused about the why of it all, simply ask the question I started out with: what does the Bible say?

Go be great. God demands it. He, you, and people in this world are waiting on it, counting on it.