Grace – Grateful Part Five


Grateful Part Deux

What A Rollercoaster-Grateful Part Tres

Grateful Part Four-The Hurricane

Grace is represented by the number five in the Bible. How appropriate that this ends in five parts.

There is soooooo much I could say about what happened after the hurricane. I can’t even remember it all. And honestly, it really isn’t worth recounting. I’m just gone drop the lil picture of what I posted on social media.

I would love to say life is grand. While so many things are taken care of, I’m still in some stuff. But that is okay. He’s pruning and perfecting me. I like who I’m becoming. So I’m gone stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. That’s Bible y’all.

I am about to go rest, relate, relax, and recharge for the next journey ahead. It’s finna be great but it’s gonna be a dooooooozy. God and I got this though.

Go be great. It may be hard. But it will change your life. And the lives of others. Cuz someone is counting on it.