This means warrior in Swahili.

If you’ve been around, you know I talk about my person who blogs here. You know I’ve been unable to come up with a title for her.

Let’s back up. I knew who she was from watching her church online. I attempted to become a member of her location cuz her pastor is bomb and adopted me as family.

I was talking to someone about trying to move and get a job when my shujaa walked up. “Will you pray over this with me?”

Seven words shifted the trajectory of my life. I posted about that on Insta and missed the seven the other day. Man. Seven shows up in the Bible so many times.

There’s one other set of seven words that shifted the trajectory of our lives. Those seven words Jesus uttered before he laid down his life.

Shujaa and I actually had a convo about this. Those were not the seven last words of Jesus. He spoke to the disciples after leaving hell before He ascended. And He still speaks today.

I’m not gonna get into everything cuz that’s our business. But, when you read her books, you will see how appropriate the title of warrior is. She has fought me and fought for me. We are family. I love and adore her and her husband, who I call Pastor Fisherman.

God gives us what when need when we needed it. My life is so much better, richer, fuller, more on track for purpose, all because some lady walked up to me and asked me to pray. I admit I was taken aback. Cuz she didn’t know me from Adam. And I wasn’t raised to ask random people to pray. Especially given the circumstances.

God sent her and she knew something I didn’t. Or maybe it was just the awesome company I was keeping. Whatever the case. I’m mighty grateful!

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.