Again. I feel like pieces of this are littered all around this lil website. I. Don’t. Care. Catch it again. Lol.

I’m about four years old. I’m going to this private school causing all kinds of ruckus. Da ppl weren’t having it. They moved me to kindergarten.

My teacher also went to the church and she and her children eventually became family. I got two bothers and a sister out of the deal. Life has brought us full circle and I’m grateful.

My pastor was a bit of a rebel with a cause. He was definitely a trailblazer. I mean, what Apostolic church is letting children wear jean bottoms and black t-shirts in the choir stand in the mid to late 90s?

He was so innovative and cared so much about us. He let us go all over the country singing. People left their churches so their children could come have a place to be active.

Chiiiii. We were not just singing. We were being taught the Word (not religious tradition cuz there’s a difference) in service, Sunday School, Bible Class, choir rehearsal, and on our trips.

We had to memorize 1 Peter 2:9 to get our shirt. I was so upset that I didn’t get it on my first try. Ugh.

They were old school yet modern. Cuz we wore da pants,, makeup, and jewelry. We got caught in a hail storm on our way to sing. They pulled the bus over. They told us to pray. And if we didn’t have the Holy Ghost, they told us to tarry.

Sis (me is sis, sis is me) didn’t have it. She thought she got it on the bus but was told no. Okay with the third person. I was hot all service. I think I received that good gift within a few months. I told one of the bros I about it years later. He was like “you had it. She didn’t know what she was talking about” 🤣😂.

My pastor taught us what the Bible says. He was worried about our souls and the inside. He said as much. He knew that if he got our souls together the outside and other things would take care of themselves.

He was so submitted to God. I was 10 going on 11 when we moved. But, I remember so much of what went down. I think it was necessary to get me where I am and where I’m going.

He allowed God to run the service many a Sunday. The praise team would sing. Maybe the choir. Then the announcer would get up and couldn’t even say the announcements because the Spirit was moving so much. He would be like “God is here. The altar is open.” He wouldn’t preach what he intended.

He never really stopped the flow of praise and worship. Or to be churchy, he never quenched the Spirit. We stayed as long as we needed to.

He cultivated, and allowed the cultivation via the choir, a family. There was so much love. It was a great place to call home.

I used to say unfortunately, but I accept that it was the will of the Lord to get me HERE, we left and moved to follow my grandparents.

I’m grateful for and was ruined by my home church. It made it hard to find a church. But when I found where I should be planted, it was easy to spot home.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.