Struggle Worship

How easy is it for us to say nice things about people when they don’t do what we want?

When things aren’t going our way?

How easy is it for us to stick beside people when they just aren’t our cup of tea?

How easy is it to sacrifice when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient?

I almost changed the title to sacrifice or added it to the title.

My good guy Abraham is, to me, the epitome of one who gave a sacrificial, struggle worship.

I cant imagine wanting a child, having one the way your wife wanted, having one the way God promised, having to send the first one away, and then being told to kill the promised one as a sacrifice. πŸ—£ means this is Scripture you should prooooooobably look up to ensure I’m not writing fairy tales. Lol.

Isaac, the promised child, is old enough to know what they do when they sacrifice. πŸ—£ As are the people he took with him. πŸ—£ Someone asks where the animal for sacrifice is. πŸ—£ Abraham says the Lord will provide. πŸ—£Or something like that.

I can’t imagine grabbing my promise and tying it up and laying it down to kill it. πŸ—£Like. Isaac didn’t, at least not in what is written, even fight back. πŸ—£ He was so submitted to his father that he just went along with it.

But, could you imagine Isaac’s terror? He KNOWS what happens here. Can you imagine the confusion they both must have felt? This didn’t look like what He said. How can I father many nations with a dead son? How can I fulfil the promise if I’m dead?

God got jokes. Stays with them. As SOON as Abraham raises the knife to slay Isaac, my Guy is like “wait. Hol’ up, hol’ up, HOL’ UP (hold up πŸ˜‚πŸ€£). Aight son. You gone obey obey. I see that. Go look over there. There’s a ram”. πŸ—£

Yo. That ram had to have fallen from heaven just like the manna eventually does in Exodus. πŸ—£ (hey. At least it’s a book for once. Haha.) Cuz I’m fairly certain ain’t no ram caught in a bush gone be quiet and unnoticeable the WHOLE time they are up there.

After all of that, the sure stress and rollercoaster of it all, Abraham builds an altar. He doesn’t complain or fuss. He doesn’t trip about what went down. To me, he offers sacrificial worship that had to be a slight struggle. At least it would have been for me.

But good ol Father Abe? He worships and calls Him Jehovah Jireh. The Lord Will Provide. Man.

That is why, as living sacrifices who die daily and are crucified with Christ (that’s πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£ I believe), it is SOOO important to do what a song I was raised singing says: bring the sacrifice of praise. We GOTTA worship when we don’t feel like it and when it’s hard.

Why? He inhabits the praises of His people. πŸ—£ Worship is a sweet smell in his nostril that causes Him to get up off His throne and come down and see about us (this may be a Scripture I can’t find quickly. I know it’s true. Lol.).

If someone you are in relationship with wants or needs you but they keep talking crazy about what you’re doing, are you gonna wanna do anything to help them? I think not.

Let us be mindful of the Biblical principles that guide this life and relationship with God. He has made a covenant, promise, with us. A contract. He has said He will do certain things if we do certain things. He doesn’t breach, break contracts. So. If our contract isn’t being fulfilled, we need to find a mirror.

Go be great. He’ll help you. He’s counting on you. So is someone else.