Ridin’ On E

I was listening to William McDowell’s “Give Us Your Heart”. While talking, he discusses being empty when he gets to heaven. This made me think of William Murphy’s “Empty Me”. And now I thought of Jonathan Nelson’s “Fill My Cup Lord I Need Thee Every Hour”. And now, lol smh, I thought about Milton Brunson and The Thompson Community Singers’ “I’m Available To You”.

All of these deal with us being emptied and pouring out to God or our purpose.

But first, we gotta empty ourselves. We gotta remove sin, iniquity, and flesh. In order to empty a purpose, we gotta empty anything that would stand in the way of doing it. We have to be holy because He is holy. 🗣 That’s Scripture to look up. Check it out please. I need you to see it for yourself.

We have to be sanctified. We have to be purified. Both of those pop up so 🗣🗣. Lol. In order to do great exploits for Him and in His name we gotta look like Him. So we gotta go through what He went through.

No romantic, cute, fluffy stuff over here. His life and sacrifice on the cross were not easy. But He did it to show us we could too. He left a Comforter. And He left a Book full of guidance. Ya know. The Bible.

So, we empty out and and we figure out what we are carrying. It is imperative, a must, super important that we go after what we were created for. That we empty out every call, purpose, vision, talent, idea, whatever that He gives us.

I’m not joking when I say go be great someone is counting on it. What He placed inside of us is not for us or even just for the people in the churches we attend.

Jesus said go to the highways and hedges and compel, call, men to come. 🗣 He made disciples who he expected to make other disciples. 🗣 The whole light of the world and salt of the earth of it all. 🗣🗣

We need it. We gotta be empty for ourselves to be in His perfect will. I firmly believe our joy and peace depends on it. Jeremiah said if he would even consider not saying what God wanted him to say it would be like fire shut up in his bones. 🗣

Wanna know why you are depressed or uncomfortable for no real reason you can put your finger on?

You sat down at a table and ate too much and are too full. And until something comes out up or down, you will be in misery.

So, like my person who blogs here says, as it is in the natural, so it is in the Spirit. There is a discontent when we know what we should do but aren’t doing it. While the author of the Scripture likely meant sin sin when he said to him that knows to do good and does it not it is sin, da ppl say partial obedience is still disobedience.

I was reading John Hannah’s “Just Pray” and he discussed the fact that while Nathan took a while to come to David about the Uriah and Bathsheeba of it all, David was writing Psalms about the misery of his sin. He said that’s why when Nathan confronted him, David went to God.

Please, please, please don’t contribute to what someone said is the wealthiest place. The cemetery. Because it is full of unrealized talent, dreams purpose, and potential.

I know I’m wearing y’all out about how hard things are. It’s just temporary but a theme. Lol. I’m okay with the pruning, the emptying out. Cuz I know what I’m being filled with. I know why. Because I know what I’m carrying and where I’m going. It’s gonna get better soon. Legit.