What A Waste

I’m gonna get me all the way together on this one.

This is who I was though. Not who I am. Thank God for growth.

I know somewhere I mentioned not caring for my birth church and not wanting to go back. Sorry not sorry?

Everything isn’t for everybody.

I was highly upset that my pastor wanted me there and not just at the church he founded. I was grudgingly obedient.

Honestly, I knew too much oabout what the people were doing. They were LITERALLY sinning and grinning. Singing and ministering KNOWING they weren’t right.

Ot maybe they didn’t. Maybe they thought their behavior was okay. Regardless, I didn’t want to have them singing and alla that to me. I mean, I stopped everything I was doing when I was knowingly sinning.

It’s amazing what we think we can get away with. I firmly believe it is because we have created a God that does not exist. Cuz if we served, followed, believed in, and were in relationship with the God of the actual Bible, there are some things we just couldn’t do.

So. I would take myself up to the balcony and just sit judgmentally. Wouldn’t join in praise and worship half the time. Or rhe choir. Cuz I was frustrated by what I saw.


People always say I feel the presence of the Lord. There are so many times I have looked around in different places lost cuz surely He isn’t there.

Not acting like I didn’t bring Him with me. Not acting like I could open my mouth, pray, and invite Him in myself. Not acting like I didn’t have the power to pray that the people would stop their mess.

Buuuuuut. That ain’t what I was taught or shown. We were supposed to just talk about the people. Be annoyed with them. This is a lot of religion right here people. I have a religion vs. relationship post waiting to be written. I dunno if I will.

But people. There is DEFINITELY a difference. And I was DEFINITELY still religious.

How dare I take the time to get dressed and go to the house of the Lord and refuse to give Him what He deserved because I was in my feelings about something that had very little to do with me? Tuh.

At this point, I have opened the doors of Mind My Business Ministry. Do you boo. That’s your life and business. My responsibility is to give Him all I got every chance I get.

It is my responsibility to set the stage for what I need and ensure He is welcome and invited in even if nobody else does. Cuz of who He is to me.

What a waste to sing, and shout, and dance, and hear preaching if His presence is never felt? All we have done is entertained and been entertained.

Ion want that testimony. Ever again.

Every we time we get the privilege to come before the Lord we should do whatever we can ro invite Him in. Who knows? Had I been on my Ps and Qs maybe things could have been different. We will never know.

But the arrogance and audacity of it? Shame on me and shame on you if this tapped danced on your behavior.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it. It will bless you too.