Lit Lit Lit

I recently heard someone at church say when God said let there be light He was talking about the Son because the sun wasn’t created until day four.


First off, he preached twice and was all in my blogs and conversations in both messages.

This is one of the things that I said and didn’t know if I’d blog about it: If he’s a lamp and a light I have to go where the lamp and light lead. Those are two different Scriptures. He quoted both and you should go find them.

I said Jesus is everything we need in another blog.

Yo. Omg.

So, he preached this am about purpose in a storm. I said yo because I was gonna say that Jesus is a lighthouse for us.

The message he preached was about Paul and the storm that broke the boat in pieces.

Paul, the servant and mouthpiece of God, told the people what to do. They thought they knew better because they were experienced. Paul was like. Nah. HEAR me.

The people finally listened. The boat broke up in the storm. But they all made it out of the water through the storm onto land using the broken pieces.

It was a boat. It was supposed to hold up. They expected to go through that storm the way they always did. They didn’t think they needed help or instructions from Paul. A preacher. Not a boater.

People. Let. Me. Tell. You.

Just cuz it looks familiar doesn’t mean it’s familiar. What worked before won’t necessarily work this time. What saved you before could cause your demise and destruction this time.

That’s why He’s a lamp for our feet and a light to our path. Not a rolodex or file cabinet. Our feet move and a path is where we travel, the way we take. A rolodex and file cabinet are stationary things that hold records.

It is still true that we need to build an altar. The purpose of the altar is to remind us of His capability and power. It isn’t an idol to worship like a playback to keep running the same plays over and over.

May we allow our all knowing God who springs forth rivers of living water to guide us over and through every storm.

Cuz the storms bring water. They exist in and on water. But water is a life source.

Every storm has the power to bring with it the life we need to make it where we are going.

Okay. I’m out.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it.