I Could But But Naaaaaaaah

Cuz grace. Grace Is Gracious. This blog was definitely a draft first but it so very appropriate to mention it here. Cuz this was already gonna be about grace.

All things are lawful but not expedient (🗣 Scripture to look up).

You may have seen me mention the multiplicity (multiple, many) of books and ideas. You may have seen where I said I couldn’t or didn’t have peace about it. I’m gonna explain in detail here.

Hurt ppl hurt people. I had the attitude “if they didn’t want anybody to know they shouldn’t have done it”. How rude, immature, and devoid of ALL of the grace I was given.

It was legit all they knew. I can testify that it is SUPER difficult to be different from those around you and what you were shown. I have STRUGGLED to be who I feel I should be. I’ve failed and reverted a time or two.

As discussed in the blog linked above, I sat down and considered their why.

We can be angry, not sin, and still be WRONG. We don’t have to put ppl on front street to give our testimony. We can give the grace we wish they would have given us. That decision just may be what leads to reconciliation.

I hope I haven’t closed the door because of the way I’ve tried to make things happen. I didn’t ask God enough questions and allow Him to direct me. I hope it isn’t too late and all Is not lost. I don’t think so. I think it is God’s will. But in His time.

Go be great. We’re waiting on it!