When Prayer Is All You Got

I need Thee, oh, I need Thee;
Ev’ry hour I need Thee;
Oh, bless me now, my Savior,
I come to Thee

My grandaddy and I may have differed in our theology. But, one thing that man was gone do is sing a hymn and make us pray. He was gone stand firm on what he believed.

I’ve been lost in the sauce of his theology and messages at times. But, the older I get, the more the minute, little details of it matter less. And the more appreciative I am of who he was at his core. There is a mantle and legacy waiting on meeeeee. For me? Either way. I’m on my way to it!

Cuz baybay? I need the Lord dang near every SECOND right now.

The Grateful series alone indicates that. Never mind the other stuff I’ve had going on and written.

I don’t think we give prayer enough time, attention, and credit.

I don’t think we focus enough when God wakes us up or won’t let us sleep.

Let me tell you something. Before a lot of the storms came, this Man was on my NERVES. Like Sir why we gotta be in each other’s faces at 4 something when you KNOW I like to sleep? And you KNOW how late I was up and how tired I am from slinging people’s groceries?

But I gave Him what He wanted. And we made an exchange.

There is no way I’m calm and peaceful if I had not spent time in prayer and runnin through His Word when this stuff has come.

I believe Bishop Rosie told us last week that peace is a gift. Tuh. That’s Bible. Have fun searching that and anything else you see πŸ—£ near. It’s time out for just believing what other people say the Bible says. Go search the mystery if the Gospel for yourself.

Anywho. I’m grateful for the gift. It truly does pass all understanding. It makes NO sense for me to just be okay with one of the things. Let alone all.

I just know I gotta suffer to reign. πŸ—£

I just know that to know Him in the power of His resurrection and fellowship of His suffering πŸ—£ I gotta do this.

Like this Scripture. Know Him in the power of His resurrection. So. He had the power to get up after he laid down His body. πŸ—£ cuz it’s never too much to revisit His crucifixion and resurrection.

He promised us the ability to do greater works than Him. πŸ—£ And I gotta say, though maybe a stretch, it is a great work to be powerful enough some days to just get up and put your feet on the ground and then put one in front of the other.

Fellowship of His suffering? Fellowship is when people come together for the same reason. They get to know each other because of a common cause or event. That’s my definition. It ain’t a Scripture but go see if I’m close. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

He promised us trials and tribulations as they sought to kill Him. πŸ—£ But He promised He would be with us and send us a Comforter. πŸ—£

Chiiiii. I guess rest wasn’t the case this week. At least it’s not four of these a day rn (right now). Lol.

He suffered. I’m suffering. I go to Him in prayer. I recall what He went through and how He went through. I present myself and my desire to be like Him as a living sacrifice. πŸ—£ We have fellowshipped.

Woooooooooooow! Lol.

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time ARE NOT WORTHY to be compared with the glory which SHALL be revealed in us. πŸ—£(I changed up the emphasis. I saw it when proofreading and can’t go there. Lol.)

That thang says the revelation of God’s glory in us is guaranteed due to our suffering. My pastor told us we talk about glory but it isn’t always a feel good thing. Tuh. Facts.

But we were created to give God glory. We have made glory and worship synonymous, the same.

Wait. This was supposed to be about prayer. I’m gone take my leave and eventually say sumn (something) about the line above. Cuz it’s a pretty good thought. And I can’t clown ppl for going all over God’s creation and not sticking to what they were gone talk about then do it myself. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Pray for ya girl. Pastor did say he’s teaching pursuit not perfection. I ain’t perfect i just pray a lot (in the key of some rapper. If ya know ya know. I don’t fully and refuse to try. This has reaaaaaaally gone off the rails.)

Go be great. Chiiii. You should be counting on it. But there are definitely others counting on it toooooo! ❀