Tight But Not Tragic

I have NO earthly idea what this was about. I clearly like a good title, a good one liner, a good metaphor, a good cliche. A good something. I’m just gonna sit here and pray then see what shakes loose. Lol.

Okay so I walked away. But I came back. The lil caterpillar came up in convo and is perfect for this.

My person who blogs here sent a few of my blogs to her husband and told me while I was away praying. That sparked where this is going.

He preached in part about the caterpillar a little while ago. I am not supposed to be blogging but here I keep coming. Smh. Maybe I am since I’m here. Idk (I don’t know).

Anywho. He is very demonstrative and I love it. My lil nephew does too. He was on the floor coming out of the cocoon at one point. He said that the caterpillar needs to be left alone while it goes through the metamorphosis of being a butterfly.

If the caterpillar doesn’t endure what it takes to break out it will never fly.

Y’all. Life is tight tight right now. I read a Scripture (🗣go find it every time you see that so you know I’m not creating a Bible. 😂🤣) that says something about being tried in the fire and coming out as pure gold.

Fire is HOT hot. But for gold, something valuable, something expensive, something treasured, that heat is a requirement.

You know who else heat was a requirement for? The three Hebrew boys. 🗣 They should have died. But their faith in and relationship with God caused Him to come down and walk in the fire with them. What killed the people on the outside was the proper environment for God to step into and work a miracle we reference thousands of years later.

We CANNOT ask for purpose, relationship, His will and not have to endure a metamorphosis.

We CANNOT desire to look like, talk like, act like Jesus without enduring what He did.

Like. I don’t know where we got this ease on down the yellow brick road footloose and fancy free version of the Gospel from. We need to return it for a full refund.

It was good that I was afflicted. 🗣 I think. Paul I think. Lol.

It’s gonna be good when I’m afflicted again later.

Cuz baaaaaybeeeee. Like da ppl say. If you ain’t going through nothing you don’t make hell nervous.

This lil cocoon I wrapped myself in with my obedience, worship, praise, relationship with the One who created me is tiiiiiiiiiight. But it ain’t tragic.

I’m simply getting ready to bust out and fly. I know what awaits. And chiiiiiii it is beautiful.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.