What A Rollercoaster-Grateful Part Tres

Grateful and Grateful Part Deux are the context and first two parts.

Be angry and sin not is the memory verse to start this off. Lol. But really. đŸ—£means a Scripture for you to go find.

My insurance company has been horrific. For the second time in about the same number of months. I’m done with them after this is all sorted.

Interesting to me how my pastor preached about Elijah’s response after defeating the prophets of Baal when he was under the juniper tree.

I have legitimately had to keep telling myself to move since yesterday. The day after the accident. Cuz those insurance ppl tap danced on every nerve.

I wanted to quit multiple times today. I had to do the insurance company’s job for them.

But there are two miracles. The fact that I didn’t quit. And the fact that my car got into a body shop so quickly.

My response now is that there will be glory after this. I’m going to give God my best praise at convocation this week.

He did what He said and He will keep doing it. So I will keep leaving everything on the floor in church.

Who wouldn’t serve a God like this?!

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it!

Oh wait. The title. And more Elijah.

I JUST, finally got a job. The highest of highs. Like Elijah’s victory. Then here comes this car crash affecting my ability to work when I needs my coins. Like the hit on Elijah’s life.

But look at how the mighty God comes through. Go find out what happened with Elijah. Come back to see what happens with me.

‘Kay bye.

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