Ain’t Nun To Do But Do It

You gone trust God or nah?

Seven. Teen. Years. La. Ter. was all cute and flowery wit a dose of reality cuz that was my mood. Lol. And all the extra, as I’m putting into practice, isn’t necessary.

I have come down from my high and remembered something. It took me a second to land where I live. I was circling the area and was willing to make a sacrifice if where I thought I should be was it.

En route, I was redirected. But I had already applied for jobs elsewhere. I got a call for an interview. I flipped out. Cuz of course it was after I decided that here was where I should be.

Sis. It wasn’t even a job offer. But an interview request was far more than had happened after the dozens of job apps i completed. I wallowed for a second. Ok a lil longer. But I put my head back on straight. Though I said I’d call back I didn’t.

You know I got another call from someone else right? They even emailed me after leaving a voicemail. I was chill this time. I didn’t trip and declined it.

That was a couple of weeks before I got this job.

What if Job had answered his wife’s interview request?

What if Job had answered the interview requests of his friends?

What if Job had given up and given into what his eyes and feelings said?

What are you doing as you suffer with Christ?

What should you be doing?

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.