I Am

Daaaaaaas one of God’s titles or descriptions.

How is it that we lose hope and are overwhelmed?

Because we are looking at what is going on around us and not the Savior (see the Scripture where Peter walked on water. Going forward πŸ—£ means there’s a Scripture reference 😊).

Instead of lifting our eyes all the way up to the Help, we are looking at the hill. πŸ—£

We don’t allow ourselves to be led to The Rock that is higher than us when our hearts are overwhelmed. πŸ—£

By being I Am, at times it’s like He gave us a blank check.

He signed the check.

He told us to go get whatever we need.

He didn’t tell us what store to go to to get what we needed.

He didn’t tell us that we could only spend so much.

He didn’t date it and lock us in to a specific time.

He just said here, you can get whatever you need from my account whenever you’re ready.

Joy? I got you.

Peace? I got you.

Love? I got you.

Now, the check still has to be processed.

There may be insufficient funds or a hold on the release of funds.

Cuz if we’re asking contrary to His Will, there will be insufficient funds.

If we are not ready for what we asked for, there will be a hold.

But. Just like the bank, He notifies us as to why the decision was made.

It’s up to us to open and pay attention to the notification.

Cuz if we just look and see the funds missing and don’t pay attention to the notifications, we end up angry, bitter, confused for no reason, and ready to close the account just like we do with the bank.

I Am is also like a trust fund at times. He filled the account but there are limitations and restrictions on what the funds can be used on. When the funds can be used.

Just because the funds aren’t available when we want them, don’t walk away from the account. Do what it takes to be able to access the funds. Or do what it takes to no longer be able to be denied for improper withdrawal requests.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.