Did Jesus Really Die

Hooooooold on. Don’t run away. Don’t write me off as a blasphemous heretic.

It’s the word choice I am suddenly struggling with.

In John He said nobody was gonna take His life He was gonna lay it down.

If He is Father, Spirit, and Son, God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost as One, how could one be dead and not the others?

He allowed the blood to leave the sack of dirt and bones.

He allowed them to think He was gone because there was no life, movement in the sack of dirt and bones.

He allowed them to put Him in a tomb and roll the stone away.

He went into hell for three days. He didn’t lay in the tomb for three days.

After three days there wasn’t a body in the tomb. It doesn’t say when the body left the tomb.

He presented eventually Himself in the body with the evidence of what it endured.

To me, it is literally impossible for Jesus to have died.

He offered a body as a sacrifice that He wore when introducing Himself and His name.

But Jesus? God? The Holy Ghost? Naaaaah. I don’t think there was ever death.

When something dies it ceases to exist or function.

He still existed and He was still functioning. Just out of view from the ones who were present for His time in the earth and crucifixion.

Just like He had to do other things because of what they were used to and their customs, He had to offer some familiarity while being different, He made it look like He endured the worst death possible without actually dying.

I’d much rather start saying what the Bible says. He was wounded for my transgressions. He was bruised for my iniquities. The chastisement of my peace was upon Him. With His stripes I was healed. He is The Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. God loved the world so He gave us his Son.

I dunno. Maybe I’m reaching.

I just don’t think He ACTUALLY died.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.

I’m back a lil while after writing this with ooooooone more thought. IF Jesus actually died He couldn’t possibly be God in the flesh. Because He would have been exactly like us. A distinction without a difference.

He appeared to be like us when He allowed the blood and life to leave the body He took on. But He was never dead. He wasn’t even ever really asleep. Because the Bible says he never slumbers or sleeps (go find it please 😊). Those of us who die in Christ are going to sleep and will rise first upon the triumphant return of Jesus.