Watchu Be Doin

When my, okay our, Jesus was teaching about prayer, He told the disciples to do it in secret and God would reward them openly. Please search for the Scripture yourself when you see 🗣. 😊

David was made king in secret. 🗣

Samson was made who he was in secret. 🗣

As was Joseph 🗣 and several others.

What we do in private and secret will show up. Especially when we get to the church house.

If we aren’t praying and worshipping at home, it shows when we hit the building.

It honestly shows in every aspect of our lives.

Sure. We can attempt to pretend and hide and put on a show. But people with discernment, who can see beyond what is actually on display, and, most importantly, GOD know when our private, home life doesn’t match what we are trying to do.

If we are in ministry, for most leadership positions for sure but all of us simply as Christians, we should be practicing at home. Ours especially but all of them definitely.

For example, singing if we sing but singing just as praise and worship.

And definitely prayer. Praying is non-negotiable. We gots to do that. There’s no point to any of anything if we aren’t praying.

We got to live, as a Commisioned song says, a life that shows.

I feel like this was too short. Lol.

Go be great. Really. We’re counting on each other.