There Is Still Life There

Yo. I decided to write this title and I think I subconsciously stole it from a sermon I just listened to. Help Lord. Lol. Not the title but something that was said.

So, I have this new plant. Pics below or it didn’t happen. Lol.

I had another one for like six years and it died when I moved several times in super quick succession.

I killed a couple succulents. It’s funny. Too much life (water) and plants die. Not enough life (water and the Spirit of God) and humans die.

I think I just got ahead of myself.

I moved, haha, and broke one of the leaves. Before I moved, a new bud started sprouting and is THRIVING. I actually moved right after I got the plant.

I KNOW I sound crazy. I had another plant that died and then bought one right before moving. And then moved again.

When I went to the store I asked for a plant that was hard to kill.

This thing’s description has steel in the name and is native to Africa.

I was really bummed that I broke the leaf. Or whatever you call the thang. I didn’t pull it up and disturb the rest of the plant.

But. I knew from other things that grow in dirt or water, if you put it in its environment and leave it alone, as long as it has what it would normally take to grow, it will get roots and it will be like nothing ever happened. My goodness.

I may as well go ahead and talk about the message. He was talking about multiple chances to do what we were created to do.

He talked about the fig tree the owner wanted to cut down.

He gave a lil hope. He said that sure, the tree could get cut down. But as long as the trunk and the roots are there, there is still life. Growth can still take place.

We have made mistakes. We have felt like we were disqualified.

We were out of place, moving around, and something died in one season.

We should take the lesson and be different in this season.

And should we make a mistake, be disappointed but don’t give up. Don’t overcompensate or spin out or just give into it, messing up all the rest of what we’re doing well.

Take the mistake and put it in with the rest of it and allow it to grow.

And we know ALL things work together for good. Scripture time folks!

Not some.


Go see Insecurities & Disqualifications and What Do You See if you need proof.

Like people say, let God be God.

He knew who we would be and what we would do and STILL chose the cross.

Like my former Sunday School teacher said, when He sees us He sees the blood veil of Jesus. He sees the sacrifice. He sees the grace.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it!