Stop Calling

For some reason, I’ve almost always taken issue with how much we talk about the devil/enemy/satan.

If you call someone’s name enough, blame them enough, they, or what is attached to them will surely come.

Could it be, that the breath of God in our lungs still attracts who Lucifer was to begin with?

Could it be that summoning him is an open invitation to do what he wants to do anyway?

Why don’t we see the glass as full of God?

Though it may be half full, half empty, or completely empty, faith says, my God, as long as there is still a glass there is still room for God to fill it.

There was a woman, I talked about her in a couple posts but we gone catch up with her again, whose husband died and the creditors were gonna take and enslave her sons.

Her husband hung out with Elisha. Chiiiii. Search for the Scripture πŸ—£ ref like I like to say. 😊

Now. She could have complained. She could have blamed everything and every one.


But she knew who filled her glass.

She knew who was connected to the One who had the power to do ANYTHING but fail.

She sent word to Elisha. She dropped Elisha’s name to Elisha. She said my husband was one of yours.

When we drop the Word with The Word, He has NO choice but to respond.

John tells us a lot about the Word and the beginning. And God being the Word. πŸ—£

Isaiah tells us His Word won’t return void but accomplishes what He sends it to. πŸ—£

So. If we give the Word to The Word it’s like the Word is having a conversation with Himself. God is talking to Himself when we tell Him His Word with His breath in our lungs and His Spirit on the inside of us.

It’s kinda like when Jesus was praying to the Father asking if it were possible not to go to Calvary to the cross. πŸ—£He was talking to Himself.

Or like, shortly before He laid His life down, when He said Father forgive them. πŸ—£ He. Was. Talking. To. Himself.

So, Elisha sends word back and asks what he can do to help. What’s in her house?

She said all she had was a little bit of oil. Now, I wasn’t even gonna go look to see which post. But I have to link it. It Cost Her Something.

I can’t get lost in the sauce. Ugh. Here goes.

She said all she had was some olive juice. I mean olive oil. The anointing. I gotta keep going.

Just a little oil at that.

I mean. Come on. All you have for me is a question about what I have? What do YOU have?

You can’t be bothered to come yourself?

You can’t just call down manna or fire or something? That’s two different Scriptures.

Sis said none of that.

He told her to get all the pots she could from her neighbors and fill them. She did and ran out of pots.

She sent word to Elisha and he told her to sell the oil.

Oooooh Jesus!

The little bit of oil she had produced so much oil she was able to sell it and all was well. Das another Scripture about another woman who came in contact with Elisha. And a post already obvi. Two Things Can Be True.

The anointing made the difference. All she knew was she had this container of oil and access to a God who had been performing miracles.

But. The miracle wasn’t just handed to her.

She opened her mouth to the right person. Not another widow or friends and family with bad advice like Job.

She went to The Source.

Just opening her mouth and calling the right person wasn’t enough. She had to ACTIVELY participate in her miracle.

Faith without works is dead. πŸ—£ Sis already had a dead husband. Sis had no other choice but to operate in faith.

Could it be that, like Job, God offered our name to the enemy? πŸ—£ Nothing happens that God does not allow. (Some of this and the next line may be πŸ—£ too. I’m not gonna do ALL the work. Lol.)

Either by giving us free will or permitting the enemy.

Could it be that what is happening is because He knows He can trust us?

While God does not tempt us πŸ—£, in a round about way, we maaaaaaay be able to blame Him.

So, let’s call on the right Name. Ha.

Let’s blame the One who is at fault.

Let’s build an altar to remember and remind Him and us.

Cuz, in all honesty, that glass probably needs to be emptied, cleaned, and filled again. This is long enough. Do what you will on your own with that.

Go be great. We’re all counting on it.