What To Do

What if nobody is willing to help us get where we’re going?

What if every time we ask for help, nobody responds or they are barely of assistance?

What do we do when we align our faith with what we saw but have no idea when, how, or where to work it?

Consult the Father and be still.

Cuz it may not be time.

Or He may be sending ua to do it ourselves however it needs to be done to get it done. So He can get all the glory and they can get none of the credit.

We should spend more time looking for God in difficult situations and less time seeking people’s help.

Yes we need people. People are often invaluable. But we have to find the right ones not just the obvious ones.

There is a miracle in the struggle, in the process. We discover more about God.

But we also discover so much about ourselves.

Our growth and where we need to mature.

Our strength and the weakness that perfects His strength (that back half is a Scripture to look up).

If we trust God with the faith to get us to the end, we gotta trust Him in the process.

I’m gonna keep saying it. David wasn’t made king once he was finally seated on the throne. It was a process. And buddy didn’t always act like he was a king (or a man after God’s heart) after he got there.

Acknowledge and include God as we get there and after we get there. It would be terrible to forget who God is and forfeit our promised land after all of our work (Moses) or be unable to fulfill our heart’s desire (David) because we were in our feelings or out of place.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on you!