New New

he can take the old thing and make it new again

renewed mind

renewed spirit

old wine new bottles

I left these notes. Cuz I started this as a draft daaaaaaaays ago. And the man of God was all in it at the end of the sermon SIX days later.

Like. I talked to multiple ppl and we agreed that he was in the business.

I posed a question on my Instagram story (I have a love hate-mostly hate-relationship with social media so ain’t no need in trying to find me. Cuz there is only fleeting story content. Lol.

The question I posed was “a clear indication you have spent time with God? Your words and thoughts show up with people who weren’t present when they came to you.” That’s another post for another time. Or never. Lol. I can’t keep up.

I put this down and came back after the six days later. The thought I had upon remembering concerns the bottles.

Oh boy. Something different just hit. But first.

No new wine in old bottles.

Sometimes we can’t take the newness of who we are, our relationship with Jesus, our revelation of who He is, to old places.

Some of my, I would say our like I do but I may be wrong about you, frustration in life has come from loving and wanting to be in relationship with people who just couldn’t handle my wine in their bottles.

So, I’m walking around in my feelings breaking their bottles. I have tried all I can do to ensure the bottles don’t break.

I even chose to mix old wine with my new.

Shoot. At times I just put old wine in the bottles.

So many times around the mountain in the wilderness that could have been avoided. I said could cuz I needed every trip. No drop was wasted. No losses only lessons. I am right on time.

Now for what was good to me.

In the Old Testament, they used animals as blood sacrifices. This foreshadowed, foretold, gave an example of who and what Jesus would be. Old wine.

In the New Testament, as I discussed elsewhere per my person who blogs here, Jesus had to use what they were familiar with to show who He was. New blood. New wine.

But. Here. Is. The. Thing.

It was familiar in that it was wine, blood. But it was so different, so new, that He was just breaking bottles everywhere.

I find it so intentional, beautiful, comforting, all the positive words, that the absolute FIRST miracle that Jesus performed was turning water into wine.

First. He submitted to the authority of his earthly mother. He told her it wasn’t time. He could have truly acted on that. But I think there was a lesson in there for us. I’m gonna let you tease that out for yourself. 🤣😂😊

Second. He took a life source, water, and turned it into wine, blood, evidence of a sacrifice.

He is the life source that turned into a sacrifice evidenced by the blood that ran down Calvary’s hill.

Lastly, the new wine, my Goooooood!, that showed up was better than what was put out to begin with.

The person in charge commented and said so. He said the ppl usually put out the good stuff first, get the ppl drunk (ok I may have added that. Go check and see. Lol.), and then put out the bad stuff.

The blood of lambs and goats and rams and whatever else the law of the Old Testament required as a sacrifice simply was not working where God’s relationship with His children was concerned.

He needed some new wine. He needed a way to relate to His people better.

So. He. Chose. Himself.

I would love to run around and holler off of that sentence. Ion know if whew or sheesh is better.

And not only was this new wine for the old people, ha! ooooh, it was for new people too.

Gaaaaaaaaaaah. This next part.

What was once a private, members only, paid, reserve label was now available to everyone.

Cuz the promise made to Abraham required evidence of Covenant on the part of every man.

You confused? You know I’m gonna help you. Lol.

After Abraham had spent time getting to know God and following His voice, being reminded of the promise, goll-lee, while being provided for so He could trust what he couldn’t see, God instructed him to circumcise every male alive and going forward.

Oh look. One of the examples I mentioned.

They had to cut skin and bleed to come into agreement with the promise God made.

He was wounded for MY, okay our, transgressions.

They whipped our beautiful Savior and made Him bleed. They cut Him.

They put a crown of thorns on His head and made Him bleed. Theu cut him.

They nailed His right wrist and made Him bleed. They cut Him.

They nailed his left wrist and made Him bleed. They cut Him.

They nailed both of his ankles and made Him bleed. They cut Him.

When they wanted to make sure what looked to them like death but was in actuality Him laying down His life for us, they pierced Him in His side. They cut Him.

But He didn’t just bleed.

As a sign, a fulfillment of the old where it said they wouldn’t break a bone in His body, of the new wine, blood and water flowed from His side.

Oh my gosh. Hold on.

Life and wine came out of that new wine bottle and destroyed the old one. There was physical proof. The earth quaked and rhe veil in the temple tore.

The old wine wasn’t thrown out. It was modified and enhanced to make room for a better one.

I said hold on because I thought I was going somewhere based on what I heard here but had to be sure.

He said Adam and Eve’s relationship mirrors ours with God.

But first. Another old example of what Jesus did.

To cover their nakedness, the knowledge they got into that required us to experience sin, as illuminated (um revealed?), in one of the best messages I have EVER heard about communion, he said God had to kill an animal, a sacrifice that dropped blood, to cover them up.

Much like the wine that is the blood of Jesus takes care of our sin today.

Eve was taken from Adam’s ribs. We have ribs on the side of our body. In order to make new wine, and have, oof, a new vineyard, to create the Church, a surgery similar to the first Adam, took place on Jesus. A cut similar to the one on Abraham, who received the first relational promise, took place on Jesus.

Yo. This is so good! But I gotta go. I’ve stayed long enough.

Go be great. We all we got. We need it.

Oh. Some of that stuff up top is Scripture. 😊