Look. Don’t Touch.

I think I just saw the manifestation of a prayer I have prayed since I was a teenager.

Over 20 years.

I believe I heard God.

Trouble is, I made it up before. Multiple times. I thought I heard Him and He answered me.

But that was just me trying to help Him. Trying to make it happen.

Or it was the enemy distracting me.

It is honestly different this time.

But part of me doesn’t trust it cuz I know me.

I get excited and think I’ve arrived. Only to discover that it was just a stop on the journey.

I’m grateful for it all. Including the mistakes. I wouldn’t change it or me.

But. I’ve been in so much of what I’m in right now before that I am having to be still, quiet(er) (the struggle!), and so careful. So dependent. So reliant.

I CANNOT afford a mistake. I CANNOT afford a setback.

This is an interesting catch 22. I can’t be afraid and get stuck.

It would have been easy for the children of Israel to just give up and quit the last time they walked around Jericho before the wall fell. Not to mention the last move they made before entering the Promised Land.

They had done the same thing over and over and over. They watched people die and never experience the promise.

They could have been resigned, given over to, accepting of the fact that they would go the way of rhe others, the same way they had been going.

But. Whew. Here comes Big God.

He runs Joshua His resume. He runs the children of Israel His resume. Cuz sometimes we have to be reminded. Sometimes we don’t build the altar. Or we forget the altar we built.

Yoooooooooo. Every battle, captivity, provision, all that happened, by their hand in complaint and lack of faith, and what God allowed, prepared them for rhe manifestation. Ya know. That Romans 8:28 or whatever.

If they didn’t have experience being brought out of Egypt, they wouldn’t, and often didn’t, know that God would bring them to where they were going.

If they had never crossed the Red Sea, how would they know they could cross the Jordan?

Man I needed this for me.

Tye Tribbet sang this:

If He did it before
He can do it again
Same God right now
Same God back then

In the words of Randy Weston & Judah Band “facts” 🤣😂.

I gotta trust Him. I gotta keep moving. So, we’re just gonna keep building the resume. We’re just gonna keep building altars.

If I’m wrong, tis another lesson.

What I do know is that I’m bout to do what Mary Mary said: “you wanna get what you never got gotta do something that you never done”.

I’m going to behave contrary to how I did when it was just me and I made mistakes. Every instinct I’ve had, I’ve gotta do a 180.

Chiiii. It’s a 180. Not a 360. 360 puts you back where you started boss. That has always vexed me. 🤣😂

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.


Trust God.