Take Care Of It Now!

One day I made some pasta.

I think I left the box too close to the still warm eye because the bottom came open.

Now the box was open on both sides.

I was careful with it and had kept it still. I believe I did the alternating sides thing you do to close a box without tape.

I didn’t put it in a bag or transfer it elsewhere.

I saw it in the box occasionally. There was other stuff covering it.

I decided I wanted pasta again and remembered that there was some left.

I forgot about it being open on both sides. Noodles went everywhere.

I told myself I should have put it in a bag or something when it happened and this wouldn’t have happened.

Jesus tells us that if we are praying and know there’s an issue with someone to leave the altar and rectify, fix the situation.

I’m sure there are probably other Scriptures that speak to this.

The point is, don’t let stuff linger and fester.

Don’t allow issues to just stick with you that you end up compartmentalizing (creating boxes in your head for different things and issues and only focusing on one or more at a time while ignoring the others) and covering up the problem.

Cuz baaaaaaybeeeee. When that thang is triggered?

When you wanna interact with or deal with a piece of it?

You gone forget you didn’t deal with it and have a ton of life all over everywhere like all the noodles.

It wasn’t easy, quick, or simple to pick up all those noodles. Some broke. Some flew places.

Had I handled it right away, they would have been contained, confined, and (oooooooh) would have served their purpose properly.

Romans 8:28 let’s us know that God can use it all. But we have to deal with it.

We have to acknowledge it. We have to give it to Him. We have to be healed. We have to be delivered. We have to allow the gift of Jesus and His death to give us the liberation (liberty) He came to give (das Scripture for you to look up as are the other two 😊).

Be free.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it.