I Didn’t Survive. I Overcame.

Survival, to me, means I suffered, I struggled, I was at death’s door and almost didn’t make it.

Overcoming, again, to me, means I had a lil situation. It was hard. It was difficult. My victory, success was never in question. I just didn’t know how or when at times. But I always KNEW I would come out better, stronger, and defeat what thought it would kill me.

It’s cute and cliche to say I survived, I’m a survivor.

But, to me, there is a difference in language and posture.

Survive says hope was lost.

Overcame says I had a Savior who walked with me. Maybe He carried me. But my faith in Him anchored me to the conclusion that I had no choice but to overcome.

We had Bible study in the park and so much of what I’ve been writing came up. But the overarching thing was watch your mouth, watch your thoughts, and watch your heart.

Oh. Those are the things I mean when I use the word posture.

And there is Scripture to back up overcoming. Sumn bout a testimony. It’s in Revelation.

But. Like I’ve said. A test leads to a testimony that is a testament to who God is. It is a place to build an altar.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it.