His Favorite

Several of these blogs were one liners or sermon ideas.

As mentioned, I gave no context so I was lost. I didn’t even include this title as a possibility.

But something hit me.

Have you been overlooked like David?

Have you been hated, cast out and aside, overlooked, and forgotten like Joseph?

Have you been exiled like Moses?

Has someone else been the favorite? Or seemed like the favorite like the prodigal son’s brother assumed?


God has so much love, care, concern, and consideration that we are all His favorite.

He had His other favorites write stuff to let us all know.

He promised to be a parent if we needed one.

He sent His Son to die. Came to earth as His Son to die. And then adopted us so we have a sibling and, again, a Father.

He called us friend.

He’s our provider.

He’s our shelter.

He’s our fortress.

He’s our battle axe (weapon of war).

He’s our refuge. A hiding place.

He’s our prince of peace.

He’s our wonderful counselor.

He’s our shepherd-He leads us and guides us and makes decisions for us if we let Him.

He’s our king.

He’s our defender.

He’s our comforter.

He’s the lover of our soul.

He is whatever we need him to be.

Literally. He is I Am.

You can find every single description somewhere in the Bible.

Try Him. Trust Him. If you listen, He won’t lie, fail, or let you down.

I specifically said listen. Cuz we be out here confused and then mad at God. Take a gander (look) at Forgiving God.

Go be great. The world is waiting on it. You are waiting on it.

Give yourself permission and patience, care and consideration, time and trust, to be ALL that He created you to be.

It may take longer and not look how you expect. You may mess up.

I talked about baking a cake in another writing. Disgusting individually. But in the end, delicious.

Lean into assisting God, in His way and time, into making you the masterpiece He sees.