It’s Just Temporary

It’s temporary.  Nothing in life is ever permanent.  Well little in life.

I really feel like that should be it. Pack it in and be done with this blog.

The Bible says to God, a thousand years is ONE day. So, right now, since Jesus died, it has only been TWO DAYS to God.

So, while it seems like it has been forever for us, it has been NO time for Him.

I can’t remember exactly who, but I heard someone say that time doesn’t exist to God. He is outside of time.

Shoot. By creating evening and morning, with His Word, my guy CREATED time (Bible search).

He is omniscient. He knows everything. As people like to say, nothing catches Him by surprise.

He knew us before we were conceived (I’ll give you a freebie. Jeremiah 1).

I mean, the only thing certain in life, like the people like to say, is death and taxes.

The Bible puts it like this: it is appointed to man to die once and after that the judgment. We are all going to die and, at some point after we die, God is going to judge the life we lived and where we will spend eternity.

Everything else that happens in between? Just temporary.

Or should be.

I just found the perfect example.

Cuz sometimes we get stuck where we are and think that because it has always been this way this is how it will always be.

Well I’ve got news and an example for you. Should you recognize who Jesus is, you can get up from where you are and whatever has been going on that seemed permanent will turn into something temporary.

Jesus was just being Jesus.

Out here walking around.

Looking for miracles to perform.

Looking to show people He was who He was.

Looking to show people that He was the promises made in the Old Testament, the embodiment of what took place with/in/for/through others in the Old Testament. I’m planning on doing a series of posts that show examples of Jesus in the Old Testament.

Cuz my person who blogs here, let me know before I even started writing what I thought was going to be my book, everything in the Old is in the New.

When Jesus was walking around He was the New Testament and it hadn’t been written yet. So, He had to fulfill the law by making parallels, walking out, showing, demonstrating what they were ALREADY familiar with.

There is this guy sitting by a pool. Jesus knew what the deal with him was. He had been sitting there for 38 years.

Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed.

He was like “my guy. Duh. But there’s this problem. When the angel troubles the water every year, I don’t have anybody to take me to the water. I miss out on the only miracle.” Bruh. I just talked about unlimited miracles in Put Them Out a few minutes before I wrote this. Sheesh.

Jesus was like “Get up, pick up that bed you are laying on, and walk.”

Now. Mans had already given an excuse. It would have been EASY after 38 years to just be like “nah. I’m good.”

But He was desperate DESPERATE. My guy didn’t even KNOW it was Jesus.

How do I know? Cuz the religious leaders were all up in arms about him carrying a bed on the Sabbath.

The Sabbath was a day of rest that legally required them to do NO work.

I promise you Jesus was the King of petty. He did, and allowed His disciples to do, multiple things on the Sabbath. Just out here creating a new law, a new testament. Ha.

He was like “the person who healed me told me to pick up my bed.” And then the Bible says he didn’t know who it was because Jesus withdrew due to the crowd.

Somebody say “not for long!” Ha. Acting like a preacher for real.

Jesus performed the miracle and went on his way but came back to reveal who He was.

That just made me think about the Scripture that says one plants, another waters, and God gives the increase. We may tell someone about Jesus and nothing happens. Then someone else comes along and adds to it. And God handles the rest.

Jesus did all three here. But it still resonates. Cuz He told buddy “look. You were healed. Don’t be out here sinning or something worse is going to happen to you.”

Sometimes we miss God stuck in our stuff (chiiiii. I feel like I hit this a lil bit in multiple blogs. I wanted to tag them but. About that. Just scroll up or down and you may find it if you are on the Thoughts page). Sometimes we have no clue who He is or that He is there.

But if we wait around where we are long enough. If we, oh Lord, engage in conversation long enough. Cuz that’s what the man did. He simply talked to God in the person of Jesus. He prayed (this the simplistic version. There are levels to prayer).

Juuuuuuuust like the woman at the well.

Cuz sometimes, it isn’t a matter of access or proximity. Sometimes it is a matter of us not thinking we are worthy or qualified (Insecurities & Disqualifications and What Do You See).

She was a Samaritan and He was a Jew. They had NO business talking to each other (the people were confused by who He chose as His disciples and those He hung around. To the point that He said that He was sent for the lost sheep and them that are whole don’t need a physician) be talking to.

He had put His disciples out. Lol. They went to buy food.

He was like “aye yo girl, gimme some of that water.”

She was like “how are you, a Jew, gone ask me, a Samaritan, to give you water?! Y’all don’t even like us like that!”

He was like “giiiiiiirl. If you knew the gift of God, who it was asking you for water, you would have ASKED HIM, and He would have given you living water.”

She said, probably with an attitude, “sir. You ain’t got a pot to use to collect the water and this well is very deep. How are you giving living water? You mean to tell me you are better than JACOB? Our father who BUILT the well? Come on now. Make it make sense?!”

Jesus gone tell her “whoever drinks water from this here well will be thirsty again. Buuuuuut whoever drinks my water?! They ain’t gonna be thirsty again. Neve eva. Matter of fact, my water will be like a spring in their belly that will lead to everlasting life.”

Jesus done laid it on her. Thick. Sis was like “bet. Gimme what you seeeeeeellin so I don’t have to be thirsty or lift this heavy water pot again!”

Jesus: “aight. Go getcho (get your) husband.”

I imagine her saying internally (with an internal heavy sigh) “aww man. I knew this was too good to be true and this man is crazy. First, the fact that He was even talking to me. Then this nonsense about this water. Now He is all in my business.”

She could have walked away and made an excuse. But. She. Kept. The. Conversation. Going.

Her to Jesus “I don’t have a husband.”

Jesus, with a petty smirk I imagine. Cuz He was about to drop the gauntlet (okay maybe not. But a petty smirk fits the narrative. Just go with it). “You right. You don’t have A husband. Girl, you have had five. And the man in that bed you just got out of? He ain’t even your husband.”

Y’all see I said, the Bible said, sis had FIVE husbands. Five represents grace in the Bible……….

Sis was like “yoooooooooooooooo. You are a prophet.”

She said some other stuff. Jesus said some stuff.

The next thing that she said that was super important: “I’ve heard of the Messiah who is called Christ who will tell us everything when He comes.”

Jesus, with a big cat who ate the canary smile, arms outstretched, then pounding on His chest… oh wait. No. He was far more humble. Lol. Let’s try again.

Jesus, with His meek and lowly, say something profound like I’m telling you what the weather is delivery, “das me sis.”

Of course. At the most important moment, them jokas (jokers) the disciples come back. Bless them. They were super protective of Jesus. That was their guy. They loved him.

Internally they were like “hey, hey, hey. What is going on here?!” But FOR ONCE, they kept their mouths closed and didn’t ask questions.

Sis was all afflutter (atwitter, a (or is it uh) something). Discombobulated. Lost track of why she was even at the daggone well. She dropped that pot and went yelling through the streets like she had lost her mind. Cuz she probably did. Because time spent with Jesus makes our minds new (there’s a couple of Scriptures to back that up:))

Sis was like “come see this Man who told me ALL of my past business. Is He NOT the Christ?!” And come they did.

Okay. I have stayed far longer than I intended. I’m pretty sure you get the point.

Our circumstances are only temporary. Especially once we encounter Jesus while in them. And even if they don’t change once we encounter Him, our mindset and attitude about them should change.

Paul had a thorn. God told him His grace was sufficient. Nothing changed about the thorn. God told him He could continue on with the thorn. I don’t know if it left. Maybe it did. Maybe he learned to operate with it and what was temporary was his focus on it and not Jesus. Ha.

Whatever the case, nothing has to hinder us from moving forward if we don’t let it and just have some conversations with Jesus.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.